Experiences at Abad Brookside Lakkidi, Wayanad

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Jungle Exploration

Wayanad is also called the green paradise, due to its overflowing lush greenery. Walk by the brooks and the stream to explore the forests of Wayanad from our jungle resort. Our team members will escort and help you learn more about flora and fauna of the region.




Visit Tea Plantation

Kerala in general and Wayanad in particular, are known for their tea plantations. Hectares of plantations cascading down the hill with encapsulating beauty and a sweet aroma is a sight to behold. Interact with tea estate workers and get to know their life!




Go Trekking

Trek up the hills of Wayanad as you experience its rustic life in the most unadulterated form. These hills in Wayanad are excellent locations to encounter birds in their most natural surrounding. Once you reach the top, enjoy a breathtaking view of Wayanad from the Lakkidi View Point.




Ziplining Adventures

Adventure enthusiasts have a ton of activities and experiences that they can make use of. Ziplining is one such opportunity given by Wayanad. Satisfy the thrill-seeker in you by ziplining through the verdant valleys of Wayanad!




Cycling in the Hills

Put on your helmet, knee pad and shoes. Absorb the serene beauty of the calm Wayanad hills as we cycle through many hairpin bends that take you on an exhilarating trip. As the cycling comes to a close, visit the Pookote Lake and let it soothe you, as you sign off for the day!


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Campfire with Barbeque

What is visiting forests without a campfire? Bonds formed over a campfire can last a long time. Warm yourself under the open skies of Wayanad in the community campfire, while we take care of your dinner with an open house barbeque treat! Something to be excited for, don't you think?


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Cooking Demonstration

Kerala's foods are peculiar and unique. The geographical positioning of the state and the exclusive taste of Keralites have played a major role in shaping the taste of Kerala. Get first-hand information from our specialists where they demonstrate how to cook specific dishes and try them back at home. Keep the Kerala taste always tingling in your tongue.