Banquet Hall in Wayanad

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Come celebrate your special days with us! Our banquet hall in Wayanad is a premier place to conduct events like conferences, reunions, birthday parties and kitty parties. Our banquet hall is very spacious, spread over an area of 1783 sq. ft. It can easily accommodate over a hundred people and is fitted with modern amenities like a projector and audiovisual equipment for your needs. We are there to help you through your event and help in making it a successful event. Come aboard for a memorable event experience in our luxury hotel in Wayanad!

Size of the Banquet HallTheatre settingU shaped settingCluster settingClassroom settingBoard room setting
1783 Sq. Ft.80 to 90 pax45 to 50 pax40 to 45 pax50 to 60 pax45 to 55 pax