Multicuisine Restaurant At Abad Parisons Plantations, Wayanad

Our resort in Wayanad has an in-house restaurant that serves up an array of delicious treats to our guests. Our Wayanad restaurant exudes a warm vibe and our friendly staff make sure that all your culinary needs are satiated. One of the key selling dishes at this Mananthavady restaurant is the Fish Pollichathu. Additionally, our experienced chefs can customize the dishes to meet your varied tastes.

Multicuisine restaurant in Wayanad

Both Heritage and Boutique Bungalows have their own multicuisine restaurants. They provide South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese preparations. These are the best restaurants in Mananthavady that not only deliver ambrosial dishes but also pleasant scenic views of the tea estates. This mesmerising dining experience is limited only to the residents of the hotel. Due to the placement of the resort amid the estate, it creates a romantic ambience for couples. Thus, we offer facilities for candlelight dinners at the watchtower in Heritage Bungalow to honeymooners, on demand. The Heritage multicuisine restaurant can accommodate up to 25 guests while the Boutique Bungalow multicuisine restaurant has a capacity of 18. Both the restaurants operate between 7:30 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. So, visit these finest restaurants in Wayanad with your loved ones.

sitting area at wayanad restaurant
Fish fry at our restaurant in wayanad