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Ayurveda Center

Ayurveda Center is where you can enjoy a variety of massages and healing techniques that will help you relax and rejuvenate yourself.

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Spice Plantation Visit:

Take a walk among the meandering pathways of Kumily and the many spice plantations present around our resort. Cinnamon is the main spice grown here, but several other spices like cloves, pepper, nutmeg and cardamom are also grown here. The geographical setting and the cool air is the perfect place for these spices to grow. It is no surprise to know that Kerala produces about 70% of the national production of Cardamom with most of it being sourced from Kumily. 



Boating in Periyar Lake:

Periyar Lake is the largest lake in Kerala and has a length of 244 kilometres. You can enjoy a swell boating session at the Periyar Lake. Each boating session lasts for about one and a half hours. Bookings for this ride can be made at the spot and on online platforms.



Jeep Safari tours covering beautiful locations:

Guests who stay at the Parisons Plantation Experiences can enjoy the truly magnificent beauty natural present all around our resort. We can also arrange Jeep Safari Tours to help you visit these places and help you have a splendid vacationing experience. 



Day Trip to Gavi:

Gavi is a quaint village that is located in the Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. Gavi is a part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve and is especially a treat if you are an avid birdwatcher. The village is home to about 250 species of birds. You can also spot other animals like leopards, elephants, bears and more. When you stay at the Parisons Plantation we can arrange a trip for you to visit this beautiful location. 



Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Visit

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area that lies between the Idukki and the Pathanamthitta districts. It is spread over an area of 925 sq. kms and is famous for being an elephant and tiger reserve. During your visit to the sanctuary, you can spot animals such as jungle cats, sloth bears, lion-tailed macaques and many other species of flora and fauna.



Bamboo Rafting:

Bamboo Rafting is an exhilarating experience that takes place in the Periyar Wildlife Reserve. It is a full-day experience from 8 AM- 5 PM. A team of ten tourists and an armed guard will be aboard the raft and you can visit the many catchment areas present around the wildlife reserve. The armed guards are usually from the local tribes and know the area like the back of their hand. 



Kalaripayattu- Kerala Martial Arts

Kalaripayattu or Kalari is one of the oldest existing martial arts that is practised to this day. It was said to be originated sometime in 3 BCE and was supposedly founded by Parashurama. It is a semi/ full-contact martial art that is practised mainly in Kerala. You can enjoy a marvellous demonstration of this ancient martial art when you stay at our resort in Thekkady.

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Kathakali - Kerala Classical Dance

Kathakali is a classical dance that is part of the culture and the folklore of Kerala. This dance form was said to have originated as early as 1 BCE. The meaning of Kathakali stands for "story play" where an actor performs folk stories, religious ideas and spiritual legends in a dance-like format. When you stay at our resort in Thekkady you can experience first hand the finest traditions and cultural aspects of Kerala.



Nature Walk:

With vast swathes of nature present around our resort, guests can take a walk by themselves or with the help of a guide and enjoy the fresh air and rejuvenate themselves.