Experiences At Abad Copper Castle, Munnar



Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is an experience where you can sit around the bonfire area and have a relaxing experience.



Cooking Demonstrations

At Abad Copper Castle we offer cooking demonstrations where you can witness our experienced chefs work their magic on the food.



Rent A Bicycle

Guests who visit our hotel can rent a bicycle at a nominal cost and explore the lush green surroundings that are present all around our resort in Munnar.




Abad Copper Castle is in close proximity to many of the top sightseeing spots in Munnar. We can arrange sightseeing tours as per your schedule when you stay at our resort in Munnar.



Yoga Class

Yoga is one of the deep-seated practices which has an integral part in the culture and traditions of India. We at Abad Copper Castle offer a yoga session presided over by master yoga practitioners to help keep you in the best of shapes even during your vacation.

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Campfire is the ideal way to cap off a perfect day. You can sit around the campfire area and unwind with the green surroundings perfectly complementing your experience. We host the campfire regularly at our resort, please talk one of the managers to know the exact schedule of the campfire.

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Chinnar Night Safari

A night safari along the terrain under the starry sky is an incredible experience. The pleasing moonlight gleaming on the land at night is an unparalleled beauty. A trained guide can take you to the wild and you can see a herd of elephants, wild boars, bison and more. This four-wheel-drive through the forest is a perfect night time adventure in Munnar.

nilgiri thar at eravikulam national park munnar



You need to visit Kolukumalai to witness the perfect sunrise at Munnar. The experience is heavenly, the view is splendid and worth a drive at 3:30 AM. Please note that the drive is off-road and not advisable for the elderly or for those with very young kids. The tea estate can also be visited on the way back. This tea estate has a history of close to a hundred years and is still is functional to this day.




Trekking at Munnar is an absolute must on your list of things to do in Kerala. The rising mist and green hills all-around add a new dimension to the scenery. You can enjoy the light or hard trekking which lasts for 4 and 6 hours respectively. The light trek will take you to a mountain of 2000 meters height going through grasslands and tea plantations. The tea plantation is a picturesque spot. For trekking inquiries, please contact the hotel a day ahead.