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Customer Service

Welcome to Abad Hotels & Resorts.

We have embarked on a journey creating this site for you. Join us in this commitment we have made to ourselves, ultimately a commitment to you, and watch the site develop.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your clients’ next big holiday or even a quick weekend getaway, or you’ve heard of Abad Hotels & Resorts but wanted to learn more before making a recommendation.

As professionals in luxury hospitality, allow us to make you feel confident in recommending a Abad Hotel, Resort or a city hotel.

Our aim is to always deliver on the following:

Give your clients, our guests, an experience of a lifetime

Pay commissions onltime – a timely reward for your support

[email protected] is your dedicated email contact to connect, discover and engage
Continue enhancing this site so you enjoy returning- as our guests do at Abad Hotels & Resorts!

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Our Hotels in nearby area

Abad Plaza, MG Road

From ₹3500 INR/ per night

Hotel Abad, Fort Cochin

From ₹1900 INR/ per night

Abad Metro, Rajaji road

From ₹1900 INR/ per night

Abad Atrium, MG road

From ₹4000 INR/ per night

Need Help Booking?

Call our central reservations team in

+91 484 2381122

Why Book with us?

Abad hotels have been in service for the past 32 years and has the reputation for consistent performance.

We value our customers and strive to meet their expectations

Your safety is our concern and we are geared to ensure it.

Our tour packages costs are all inclusive as specified in the website with no hidden costs

Call us at 04844144000 or email us at [email protected] for any assistance.