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Copper Castle Resort, Resorts In Munnar

ABAD Copper Castle, Resorts In Pothamedu, Munnar

Munnar, with its striking mountains, lush valleys and picturesque waterfalls is a traveller’s paradise.


Abad Copper Castle is one among the Resorts in Pothamedu, Munnar nestled in the scenic beauty. It has 40 spacious rooms equipped with all modern amenities. Barely 3 hours ride from Cochin International Airport, this delightful resort in Pothamedu, Munnar offers a magnificent valley view restaurant, campfire area, Ayurveda services, recreation centre and free parking. There is an excellent viewpoint of the resort as well.



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Welcome To Copper Castle Resort, Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and has won the award for best destination for romance by lonely planet in 2017. It is indeed a famous honeymoon destination in Kerala. Abad Copper Castle is a hill valley resort in Munnar, situated few minutes ride away from the busy town. Once the resort was the summer resort of Erstwhile British government. Munnar means “three rivers”, like the name states, Munnar contains three mountain streams Nallathanni, Kundala and Mudrapuzha. Considering the geographic facts, Munnar is located 1600 feet above from the sea level. Sprawling tea plantations and Picturesque hills are the prime attractions of Munnar.

Abad Copper Castle is located just 3 hours ride from Cochin International Airport. The valley view from the resort is one of the major attractions in Abad Copper Castle. This charming hotel provides a valley view restaurant, ayurveda services, campfire area, recreation centre and free parking on site. The resort arranges guided trekking trips on request and has a beautiful hill view point.

Among the Munnar resorts, Abad copper Castle is located in Pothamedu with excellent view of the valley on one side and tea plantations on the other side.

The rooms at Abad Copper Castle maintains superior quality and provides a luxury stay in the lap of nature. The spacious rooms opens view to the wide tea plantations, and to the Munnar valley view.

  • Check-in
    From 13:00 hours
  • Check-out
    Until 11:00 hours

Cancellation / Prepayment

If cancelled or modified up to 21 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged. If cancelled or modified later or in case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged.

Peak season period (Diwali) modifications or cancellations are not allowed during 17th October to 10th November.

Peak season period (December/January) modifications or cancellations are not allowed during 20th December to 10th January.

Children and extra beds

Children below 6 years can be accommodate without any extra charge, above 6 years till 12 years would be charged 50% of adult charge. Please include them in the number entered in the No. of Adults box.


Hotel Services

  • Breakfast Included
  • Business Center
  • Valet Parking
  • Meeting Facilities
  • Non Smoking Rooms
  • Car Park
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Shops
  • Tours
  • Wi-Fi complementary
  • Laundry Service/Dry Cleaning
  • Non A/c Rooms (Hill Station)

Leisure Facilities, Sports and Recreation

  • Garden
  • Massage
  • Steamroom
  • Spa
  • Car hire service
  • Currency exchange
  • Doctor-on-call
  • Florist
  • Ayurveda Center

General Room Facilities

  • Shower
  • Mini Bar
  • LCD/Plasma Television
  • Television
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Desk
  • Internet Access
  • Wireless Access
  • Non Smoking Rooms
  • Complimentary Bottled Water


Out Door Activities TREKKING

  • Full day Trekking
  • Half Day Trekking
  • Soft Trekking
  • Night Trekking
  • Two Days Trekking
  • Trekking & Out Door Camping

Rock Climbing

  • Jummer Climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Waterfalls Rappelling
  • Mock River Crossing
  • Rope Way

Reiki Healing

  • First session
  • Regular session
  • Second session
  • Fire dance
  • Bonfire
  • Tribal dance

Location Map

Things to do Munnar

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is situated in the Western Ghats of the Idukki district and is administered by the Kerala Department of Forests and Wildlife, Munnar Wildlife Division. The 97 Km2 national park is host for several endangered species of flora and fauna. 26 species of mammals including the Nilgiri Tahr, 132 species birds, 101 species butterflies, 19 species amphibians are recorded so far at this park. Eravikulam national park is less than 15 kms from ABAD Copper Castle and can be reached in half an hour journey from the resort.

Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam, near Munnar in Idukki District, is a storage Concrete Gravity dam built in the mountains of Kerala, India to conserve water for hydroelectricity. It has been a vital source of power, yielding along with other such dams, huge revenue to the states. The large amount of perennially available water allows wild animals and birds to flourish. However salinity caused by irrigation and water-logging are of concern to environmentalists.

Neela Kurinji

The Munnar hill station is a host for the rare Strobilanthes kunthianus aka Neelakurinji plant which is usually seen in high altitudes. The plant has the peculiarity that it blooms only once in 12 years and the purplish blue flower covers the entire area which is definitely a visual treat to your eyes. The Nilgris which means blue mountain is said to have got its name because of the presence of this plant. The documented blooming of Neelakurinji happened in these years of 1838, 1850, 1862, 1874, 1886, 1898, 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018. Usually this blooming happens between July to October months. So plan your vacation based on these years to witness the rare sight.


Devikulam, a small hill station near to Munnar can be opted for a day tour from ABAD Copper Castle which is just 15 km away. Devikulam is believed to have strong connection with the epic Ramayana. The lake in this location which is surrounded by lush green hills is now known as Sita Devi Lake.

Tea Gardens

Tea Gardens in Munnar contribute a lot to make the travel experience a refreshing one. It covers almost 12000 hectares of Munnar’s land and the well arranged plantations are a visual treat to one’s eyes. In fact it is the most caught camera frame by traveller’s to Munnar. A visit to the tea factory which is run by the Tata Tea is really worth as it helps in learning the evolution of tea industry in Munnar from 1880’s. It has a good collection of several historic photographs and furnitures of historic times. The tea processing unit fitted to the museum gives a chance to watch the various stages of tea production from plucking fresh tea leaves to packing to the fragrant products. Reach to the tea museum in less than 20 minutes drive from Abad Copper Castle which is suitable for an afternoon visit.


Marayur or Marayoor is a town in Idukki district of Kerala, India. It is located 42 kilometers north of Munnar on SH 17 connecting Munnar with Udumalpet, Tamilnadu. Marayur is the only place in Kerala that has natural sandalwood forests. Ancient dolmens and rock paintings in Marayur date back to the Stone Age. As of 1991 Marayur had a population of 9,590.

Echo Point Munnar

Echo Pint Munnar on the way to top station, at a spot on the lake embankment, amid some hills, every loud sound is echoed manifold by the surrounding hills the spot is called Echo point which also offers panoramic views. It is just 15 km from Munnar. An excellent place, especially for young travelers to disembark for a while, yell out and listen to your voice coming back to you.



A subtle and gentle whole body relaxation massage involving thaichi, effleurage, petrisage, thumb oneading, scissoring and knuckling movements leading to complete relaxation of entire body and mind. Best preferred instress and travel after effects.

  • Duration: 90 Min, INR: 2500/-
  • tapta-pashana-abhyanga-hot-stone-massage

    Chakras link the auric field with the major nerve centres via meridian pathways. Subtle energies stored in medicated stones revive sapta chakras and relieve body pains, release toxins and increase circulation.

  • Duration: 90 Min, INR: 2800/-
  • pada-marmaabhyanga-foot-reflexology

    The reflex points in each foot representing the perfect microcosm of the body are massaged that facilitates and encourages the vital body energy to low unimpeded rejuvenating all internal organs Together with Ida, Pingala and Sushumna nadis.

    • Duration: 45 Min, INR: 1500/-


    A specialized massage that drains the blocked lymph ducts, stimulates the nervous system, cleanses the body channels and increases immunity. Highly beneficial in Lymphoedema, loss of sensations, weakness, immune drop and stress diseases.

  • Duration: 90 Min, INR: 3000/-
  • Restoring the Wellness

    Ayurveda systematically deals with each person depending on the Pancha Mahabhutha and Tridosha constituency and hence the treatments are well addressed but with a difference.

    At ABAD Revival ayurveda centre, we continually strive to attain this state of perfect balance in everything we do by offering a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments including Abhyangam, Kizhi, Dhara, Lepanam etc. with the support of qualified Ayurvedic Physicians and therapists.

    Explore and experience the authentic & ethnic Ayurveda with Revival as it was 5000 years before.


    A well designated massage using knuckles, forearms and elbows to relax the deep seated muscle fibres. Highly rewarded in cramps and Fibromyalgia. Removes fats and toxins, improves circulation, increases cell life and brings shape to muscles.

  • Duration: 90 Min, INR: 3000/-
  • nasyam

    Nasal medication using herbal oil to pacify diseases related to head, eye, ear, nose and neck. One among the Panchakarma treatment.

  • Duration: 20 Min, INR: 400/-
  • mukha-souvarnyam

    A herbal facial with cleansing, toning, pampering and massaging using herbal powders, scrubbers, wrappers, oils and creams that let you positively glow with radiant energy and beauty.

  • Duration: 45 Min, INR: 1000/-
  • pizhichil

    Warm medicated oil is squeezed over the patients body from a piece of cloth that is periodically dipped in oil. Enhances muscular tone and retunes the entire nervous System.

  • Duration: 60 Min, INR: 3800/-
  • shirodhara

    Lukewarm medicated oil is poured continuously as an even stream over the forehead. A holistic and vedic approach to destress and relax the mind, body and soul.

  • Duration: 60 Min, INR: 3000/-
  • navarakkizhi

    A highly effective rejuvenation massage using cooked navara rice packed in bundle being dipped into medicated milk and then skillfully massaged over the body. It slows down the aging process, nourishes muscles and increases immunity.

  • Duration: 60 Min, INR: 2500/-
  • podikkizhi-elakkizhi

    A whole body bundle massage using herbal powdersleaves which are heated in herbal oil and then rhythmically massaged over the body. Highly effective in rheumatism, swellings and musculoskeletal problems.

  • Duration: 60 Min, INR: 2200/-
  • abhyanga

    A whole body herbal oil massage involving head, face and body followed by a soothing steam bath. Relieves fatigue, removes toxins, enhance sleep, strength, complexion and luster.

  • Duration: 60 Min, INR: 2000/-

    Gentle massage of scalp, neck and shoulder. Relieves fatigue and stress letting you forget the cares of the world.


    A natural facelift through Basase Improves skin tone, removes wrinkles, imparts luster and beauty.


    Duration - 60min Rs. 1100/

    ARDHAABHYANGA (Half Body Massage)

    Duration - 30min Rs. 700/

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