Visit Kerala during Onam, Get a unique honeymoon package

Onam Honeymoon Packages

Thinking of adding a traditional element in your Kerala honeymoon tour package? Well, then plan your visit during the Onam festival.

Onam is Kerala’s biggest and most vibrant festival. It is a grand harvest festival that symbolizes affluence and prosperity. There is also a myth attached/associated with this festival. It is believed that it is on this day that Lord Vishnu took an avatar of a dwarf to bust the ego of a king named Mahabali. Observed during the month of Chingam [August-September], Onam celebration extends anywhere from four to ten days and includes numerous festivities like flower carpeting, boat races, cultural programs, sumptuous meals, etc.



One specialty of Onam is ona-pookkalam or Onam flower bed which is an intricate arrangement of flowers on the floor. During Onam, you can witness the front courtyard of all houses emblazoned with flowers in both traditional and contemporary designs.  This ritual continues for all 10 days. It is a time-consuming creative task that is done usually by the adolescent girls of every house.

Vallam Kali

Boat Race

Another highlight of onam is the snake boat race or vallam kali. Snake boats got their name from their very long canoe-type shape. Considered as Kerala’s oldest river boat fiesta, snake boat races attract a large number of domestic and international tourists. The competitive spirit and the rhythm of boat races will remain in your mind long after you have left the place.



No celebration is complete without a hearty meal. Ona-sadya is one such hearty meal. This is a traditional vegetarian meal typically served on a clean banana leaf. It is a rich mixture of different tastes and is served and consumed in a systematic methodology. With around 20 to 30 items, ona-sadya will satiate your estuaries and revitalize you without feeling heavy.

Make your visit special with a unique Kerala honeymoon tour package that includes a visit to a local village where the festival is still celebrated along traditional lines. Be a part of a local household and experience the humility with which they observe the Onam rituals. It will open a whole new world of experience to you – you will start seeing the world from a different pair of eyes.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the best Kerala honeymoon package and fly in for an authentic Onam experience!

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