Things to Know before Booking your Houseboat Ride in Alleppey, Kerala

Alleppey or Alappuzha, as it is now called, is a little piece of paradise, has an abundance of natural beauty. Alleppey is serene and scenic and pretty laid back, yet it has just the right ingredients to perk your spirits, liven up your vacation, and give you magical moments to treasure. Spectacular sunsets, quaint villages, a spattering of exotic birds, in lush green expanses and a maze of meandering backwaters. The backwaters and the houseboats are an experience in themselves, imagine being on one as it cuts through the backwaters, gently cruising along, with ever-changing scenery. The sound of water lapping against the boat is music to the ears.

Houseboat Ride in Alleppey

Everything is so picture-perfect that in their enthusiasm, many tourists overlook minor, yet significant points while booking a houseboat. This article is intended as a guide, so you can make an informed choice when booking your houseboat in Alleppey

Condition of the houseboat

You will spend at least 8-9 hours or maybe a couple of nights onboard, and you will not want to be cooped in an unkempt houseboat. A boat with mechanical problems, such as non-functioning air conditioning or a loud, diesel engine, emitting nauseating fumes, will ruin your vacation. So, select boats from reputed service providers or those preferred by the Kerala tourism department.

Abad offers premium houseboats in Alleppey. Our traditional bamboo and coir boats have luxurious interiors and are a class among themselves. We offer one, two, and three-bedroom houseboats, with comfortable beds and beautifully done up interiors. The living & dining areas and the bedrooms are air-conditioned retaining the traditional decor of Kerala architecture. We suggest you check the gallery on our website for more details.

Weather conditions

The months of June, July and August is the monsoon period to enjoy a houseboat ride in the rains. An alternate option will be a day cruise in the backwaters and an overnight stay at our exotic backwater resort in Kumarakom, ABAD Whispering Palms.

Winter is the most favourable time to be on a houseboat, and it is termed as the ‘peak tourist season’. Most houseboats are booked, in advance, during this season, and you need to keep that in mind before you arrive. Get a confirmed booking to avoid disappointment. The weather is lovely in winter, and there is a slight nip in the air; the rains turn everything green, the waters run clear and so limpid that it is possible to see the bed of the waterways. It is the season for migratory birds; some fly in from distant lands, and nest in the undergrowth and trees, along the backwaters.

Alleppey houseboat booking

Alleppey houseboat booking can be made online. However, ensure that the tour operator or travel company is a renowned name. Rely on reviews, or check online travel forums to read what others have to say, alternatively, ask questions and clear your doubts.

Abad houseboat room

Reputed houseboat tour operators provide travel assistance on their website. For instance, Abad has a customer care executive available on live-chat to assist you with bookings and travel plans.

We recommend that you make your bookings a few months in advance, however, check the cancellation policy, before paying. Houseboats holidays, don’t come cheap, and you should not end up getting the wrong end of the deal, in case you choose to cancel your trip. Go through the terms and conditions. Most operators promise a full refund if the cancellation is made in advance, but cancellation charges usually apply, if the same is done on short notice. 

Alleppey houseboat rates

Numerous factors determine Alleppey houseboat rates. The rates depend on the quality of the boat, a newer boat, with better amenities and more luxurious interiors will cost more than a boat that is older and not so plush. Houseboats are priced higher during the tourist season, which falls between October and March, the prices drop between April and September. The price also depends on the number of rooms; a single bedroom boat is cheaper than ones with double and triple bedrooms.

The cost of hiring a houseboat includes all meals and backwater tour, bird watching and a visit to Patharimanal island. Some houseboats include a few more items on the itinerary, such as a walk through the villages, paddy fields, food walks, fish market visit etc.

Here is a look at the tariffs of our premium one, two, and three-bedroom houseboats, offered by Abad. Day cruise costs INR. 2000 per tourist for a minimum of 10 people, on a boat. Check-in is at 13:00 hours and check-out at 09:00 hours, the next morning. The tariffs mentioned below include all taxes and meals, for two persons per bedroom.

  • Single bedroom: Tariff for October – March is INR. 16,500 and between April and September INR. 15,000
  • Double bedroom: Tariff for October – March is INR. 26,500 and between April – September is INR. 24,000
  • Triple bedroom: Tariff for October – March is INR. 36,500 and between April – September is INR. 32,000
  • Extra Person: INR. 2,000 plus taxes are charged for every extra person

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