A Safari To Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Wayanad district of the South Indian state of Kerala, is spread over 344.44 square kilometres across the four ranges Muthanga, Sulthan Bathery, Tholpetty, and Kurichiat. The sanctuary established in 1973 is situated in the Western Ghats and forms part of the Biosphere Reserve in Nilgiri. The wildlife sanctuary is surrounded by a protected area network consisting of Karnataka’s Nagarhole and Bandipur in the northeast and Tamil Nadu’s Mudumalai in the southeast.

The wild animals found in this sanctuary include the Indian bison, elephant, tiger, and deer. The area is also famous for a few varieties of unusual birds, particularly the peafowl. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is by far the second largest among the wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala and is bestowed with rich wildlife and lush green forests.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary & Wayanad Wildlife

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary located about 16 kilometres away from Sulthan Bathery is a rainforest that connects Bandipur, Nagarhole, and Mudumalai. Among the four ranges of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Muthanga and Tholpetty are the most frequently targeted ranges by those visiting Wayanad. Plantations separate the two ecotourism centres in Wayanad. In 1991-92, the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary became part of the Project Elephant. Bio-geographically, it is considered to be blessed with the richest tracts as far as peninsular India is concerned. It consists of dry deciduous and semi-evergreen, moist deciduous forests.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

While the moist deciduous forest boasts of trees and plants such as Maruthi, Karimaruthi, Venteak, Rosewood, and Vengal, the animals that can be sighted in the sanctuary include the elephant, tiger, panthers, civet cats, jungle cats, monkeys, and wild dogs, among many others. Visitors to this sanctuary could also sight birds including peacocks, babblers, cuckoos, woodpeckers, jungle fowls, and owls, among others.

Interesting Facts about Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary has a special connection with India’s freedom movement. In 1805, Pazhassi Raja (King) fought with the East India Company in Muthanga.
  • The wildlife sanctuary is a heavily guarded area. There are as many as seventeen anti-poaching stations within the sanctuary.
  • As in the case of other biosphere reserves, tourist activities are limited to the outer zone. Only forest officials and wildlife researchers are allowed to access the inner zones.
  • The forest is famous for the aroma from eucalyptus and teak trees and coffee plantations.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

  • In order to enter the forest, you need to take permission from the forest authorities.
  • You need to walk for about 12 kilometres as part of exploring the sanctuary.
  • As a better option for the visitors the authority provides a jeep safari at the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Plastics are prohibited and pets are not allowed into the sanctuary.

Attractions Nearby Wildlife Sanctuary Wayanad

Place Near Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Wayanad is home to Kerala’s highest point, the Chembra peak. It is located just a few kilometres away from this sanctuary.
  • Kuruva Island and Edakkal Caves are destinations that lie close to Muthanga.
  • Meenmutty waterfall, the biggest in Wayanad, is just about 30 kilometres away from the sanctuary.
  • Other places of tourist interest near Muthanga are Pookot Lake and Soochippara falls.

Things to Do in Muthanga

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

  • You can go on a Jeep safari or an elephant safari into the jungles.
  • As you go on a jeep safari to Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, you may get to see a variety of animals including jackals, tigers, bison, and panthers. Royal Bengal tigers and wild elephants are key features of this sanctuary.
  • Exotic birds you get to see in the jungles include peacocks and owls. The sanctuary is home to at least 200 species of birds.
  • You also get to see a few rare medicinal plants and herbs.

How to Reach Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are travelling by train, you will have to get down at Kozhikode railway station. If you are travelling by air, the nearest airport is Calicut International Airport. You will have to travel approximately 97 kilometres from Kozhikode railway station and 120 kilometres from Calicut International Airport by road to reach Sultan Bathery. Kozhikode is well connected by road, rail, and air from some of the major cities in other south Indian states. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is 16 kilometres away from Sultan Bathery town and can be easily accessed as frequent bus services are available. You can travel by bus, cars, or hired vehicles from Kozhikode (Calicut) city to reach the sanctuary. You are not permitted to take your private vehicles inside the Sanctuary for sightseeing but authority can arrange you a jeep safari inside the Wildlife Sanctuary if needed.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Time to Visit Muthanga

The sanctuary remains open from May to February. Tourists can make a visit to the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary anytime during this period. Though it is recommended that post-monsoon and winter months are the right times for visiting the sanctuary, the best period is October to February when there is fewer rains and temperature is in the range of 22 to 34 degree Celsius. The sanctuary is kept closed to visitors during the summer months of March and April.

Best Luxury Resorts in Wayanad

Luxury Resorts Near Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Kerala, God’s Own Country, is a preferred destination for both local and foreign tourists.  Sporting a wide variety of landscapes, from beaches to evergreen forests, to inland canals, the land is blessed with immense natural beauty. Abad Hotels and Resorts cover all the popular destinations in Kerala including  Wayanad, Munnar and Alappuzha.

ABAD Brookside Resort in Lakkidi, located at the peak of the natural bounty of Wayanad is popular for its misty landscapes and lush green mountains. The resort offers 12 brookside cottages and 18 garden facing cottages that bestow an exceptional view of the adjacent forest and an infinity pool. A brook flowing through the side of the resort, and soothing greenery sets the perfect ambience for ideal holidays in Wayanad. The highlight of the show – the rains, which make the whole ambience even more romantically elegant. ABAD Brookside is one of the most sought-after resorts because of its idyllic location, comfortable and well-equipped rooms, beautiful ambience.

If you would like to wake up to the aroma of spices and fresh tea and spend time in a 1900’s luxurious British Colonial Bungalows, you must choose the Parisons Plantation resort in Wayanad by Abad. You also get to enjoy splendid views of the tea plantations from the rooms that boast of traditional colonial style bungalow design.

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