Munnar – A Must-See Destination in Kerala

Holiday Packages in Munnar

Hill is where the heart is – Yes, hills, mountains, and cliffs have beckoned travellers since time immemorial.  The misty winds, sprawling hills, cliffs, lakes, and waterfalls of Munnar make it a perfect holiday destination for all kinds of travellers.

You may be enjoying your new relationship or relaxing your retired life or exploring the varied realms of singledom – enjoy it whilst getting pampered by nature. Blessed by nature, Munnar provides the perfect ambience and adds spark to your enjoyment. Stay in luxury resorts in Munnar and enjoy holistic wellness in the lap of nature.

The moment you step in Munnar, you will feel as if a slice of heaven has fallen down. The place welcomes you with pristine beauty of its rich flora. You can see around 100 variety of flora in Munnar. Neelakkurinji is one such variety that flowers only once in 12 years! When blossomed, this rare purplish-blue transforms the hills of Munnar into a beautiful blue valley. Munnar is also home to several endangered species. The sheer variety of fauna is a powerful elicitor of awe for any nature lover. In short, Munnar’s wealth of flora and fauna will awaken the naturalist in you.

Apart from these, you can also enjoy the lush green carpet of tea plantations of Munnar that extend to several miles. A casual stroll through the narrow pathways of tea gardens enjoying the sweet aroma will delight and de-stress any traveler. The tea museum that depicts the transition from rudimentary tea roller to state-of-the-art tea factory is a must visit for every tea lover.

If you are someone who love wildlife and adventure, then Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to be! You can go for a jeep safari at night and enjoy the beauty of exotic jungle and watch the animals at a close distance. Spend some joyful moments in Nature’s lap and satiate your thirst to enjoy raw nature. A visit to Eravikulam National Park is also a good option for animal lovers. You may be able to spot Nilgiri Tahr, endangered species of mountain goats. Make some good memories of amazing wild animals and take them back to your home country!

The beauty and serenity of Munnar cannot be expressed in words. Enjoy the perfect romantic getaway with a good Munnar honeymoon package. Come and enjoy what nature has prepared for you… and don’t be surprised if nature here coaxes you to make it your dwelling place!

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