Kerala – Phoenix Rising

Kerala Flood 2018

A couple of weeks back, Kerala was at the receiving end of Nature’s fury. The state witnessed a hitherto unseen rainfall – a whopping 257% more than average rainfall. As a result, most of the 14 districts got battered by floods. The incident took 370 lives and lot many people lost everything except the clothes they had worn.

The destruction caused by the flood is unimaginable. The roads became unmotorable. At some places, the width narrowed, whereas at other places the roads got completely washed away. It was estimated that around 10,000 km in total was damaged due to this natural calamity.

Electricity and internet connectivity were badly affected in flood-ravaged areas. Due to power failure, people were not able to charge their mobile phones and got isolated in many parts of the State.

Awesome Rebuilding Effort

The state witnessed many bravura performances by police, army, fire force, and most importantly, the fishermen folks in rescue operations. The days immediately following the rescue phase saw a massive rebuilding exercise by the Kerala government with the participation of NGOs and several voluntary organizations. What were most heartening were the spirit and the unity with which the rescue and rehab activities were done with active participation of the locals.

Clawing Back to Normalcy

The participation of locals is adding teeth and speed to the relief operations. Many volunteers are still working on field to help the victims get back to their normal life. Mammoth clean-up operations were organized by volunteers and NGOs.

In most parts of Kerala, life is back to normal. Strategically important roads have been reconstructed, and power and internet connectivity have been restored. There is no cacophony. The quietness and serenity of the tourist places are back. Kerala is rising like a phoenix bird from ashes.

All these incidents show the indomitable will and spirit of Keralites. They see this worst deluge as an opportunity to build a new Kerala that is better, stronger, and safer.


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