Is Houseboat Cruise Safe During Monsoon in Kerala

kerala-houseboat-AlleppeyWhen discussing Kerala, it is unavoidable to make reference to the radiant backwaters of the State. Kerala has a huge system of backwaters, through which Kettuvallams were in olden days used to transport items. With the development of present-day transportation,  Kettuvallams went into oblivion. Transforming these into houseboats got the breeze and today it has ascended as a stand out component of Kerala. Most of the houseboats are chartered from Alleppey, the gateway to the backwaters in the middle of Kochi and Kollam. Most of the houseboat operators and around 500 houseboats are based there. From Alleppey, you’ll be taken on an escapade through the numerous backwaters to spots, for example, Kumarakom, Kottayam, and Alinkadavu (near Kollam). A typical Alleppey houseboat day trip looks like the stuff dreams are made of. There are a vast number of destinations to look over to suit all touring plans. Houseboats in Alleppey will generally, gradually travel a distance of somewhere between 40-50 kilometres (25-30 miles) through the backwaters every day, so you’ll get the chance to see loads of various panoramic scenery.

Contrary to the general perception that the rainy season hampers any sort of adventure or leisure activities related to water, the rainy season in the backwaters of Kerala actually work as a boon for the tourists, who come to witness the magic of the God’s own country. Well known as the ‘Venice of the east’, Alleppey has water as its major form of transportation too, with houses and villages built alongside the backwaters. The place is set amid enchanting lush greenery and natural beauty. Alleppey remains flocked with tourists all around the year, and even though is an all-weather destination, the rainy season is the time when the beauty of Alleppey is magnified the most. During the monsoon, an Alleppey houseboat day trip is what paradise is made of.

Since the backwaters of Alleppey and, as a matter of fact, of entire Kerala, is not an actual river but are a network of natural canals, the rain doesn’t prove to be destructive. There are no fatal waves and there is no deadly flow, like that of rivers in general in the monsoon season. Even then, things might get inconvenient if not dangerous, so there are certain things that can help you with the most wholesome houseboat experience.


Tip 1: Book a safe houseboat cruise during monsoon

Even though an experience upon a houseboat seems very exotic, you shouldn’t only go after an exotic looking houseboat. The looks are important, sure, but so is safety and sturdiness. Many houseboats in Alleppey lure the innocent and often unknowing tourists with cheap rates, it is not until the tourists have made the payment and are aboard the boat that they realize the problems within. These houseboats are often built with inferior quality of wood, without proper electrification, and faulty electrical appliances on board. Such houseboats in the monsoon season experience immense pressure and result in inconvenience to the guests aboard. The rain, instead of making the experience soothing, makes it terrible as there is water leaking from various places on the boat. The poor electrification also amounts to water getting in the circuit and making the appliances completely and utterly dead. This also sometimes amounts to safety hazards. So it is always advised to people who visit Alleppey, especially in the monsoon season, that they only hire the houseboats from trusted professionals, and themselves check the quality of the boat once before boarding it for the cruise. One such trusted company, that provides extremely commendable quality houseboats, is the Abad Luxury Houseboats. The houseboats are built with the finest of the wood and have been crafted by the best in the business, with absolutely no scope for trouble.


Tip 2: Make sure the staff is well equipped and experienced

As important it is to make sure of the quality of the houseboats, it is equally important to make sure the quality of the staff on board. The staff of a houseboat lives with the tourists and is there the entire time at a constant beck and call of their beloved guests. They play a huge role in making your experience worthwhile and as blissful as possible. While their experience and efficiency are very important in all the seasons, it is the rainy season that really puts their abilities on a test. Since the rains and the winds make the cruising a bit challenging, only the experienced and well-equipped staff members can make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. As the safety is not the only concern of the staff, it is also the selfless service they provide to the guests, also a part of their job, thus they are required to maintain both aspects of the journey. With a constant requirement to be on their toes, only the well-trained staff can work efficiently in that sort of climate while also maintaining the hospitable services. The staff of the Abad Luxury Houseboat is one of the most well trained, well equipped, well natured and the most efficient in the houseboat business. The staff is trained to be highly professional and be of all the help necessary while also giving the guests their private space. They are also trained to manage any sort of emergency situation during the rainy season, like covering the boat, cruising it skillfully, parking it near a safe spot, etc.


Tip 3: Make sure the food is not stale

With the rainy season, come the rainy troubles, and by these troubles, it is the food that is the most affected. With weird crawly insects all over the place and the moisture to dampen the best of the fruits, it is really not a very good time to eat any kind of food. Most of the houseboats, which offer a cheap price, often compromise on the quality of the food, which ends up making the tourists sick and ultimately, loathe the overall experience of the backwaters. Let’s be honest, no amount of breathtaking, picturesque scenery is enough to save you from a terrible case of mid waters constipation. Thus, it is always advised to book quality houseboats in order to make sure of the quality of the food being served. The Abad Luxury Houseboats are known for not compromising on any front, be it safety or food quality. The food served on board is always fresh and hygienically made by the boat staff. The staff also makes sure of the circumstances under which the food is made as they are trained to maintain the hygiene under all circumstances, be it sunny days or rainy nights. The food served is authentic Kerala cuisine cooked by the chef onboard, making your every bite amplify the soothing experience of the serene backwaters.

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