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The beautiful southern state of Kerala is a widely regarded biodiversity and eco-tourism hotspot with sights and sounds to soothe every traveller. Along the slopes of the mighty Western Ghats lies a small village called Gavi teeming with wildlife, mountains, rivers, untapped flora and a host of friendly natives.

Gavi, in its picturesque self, is where the avid traveller becomes one with nature. The beauty and vastness of its forests is worthy of a thousand paintings. As the sun dawns on Kerala, its first rays are blessed upon Gavi’s grasslands, breathing life into its history, culture and wildlife. The average holiday takes new meaning, as the place nestles its visitors in a cradle of unforgettable emotions. Gavi’s surroundings are maintained with the help of officials who limit the number of guest entries per day, leaving the place to its immaculate self, echoing frequencies of serenity.

At 1036 m above sea level, adjacent to the Periyar Tiger Reserve, Gavi boasts of award winning Kerala eco-tourism projects that help sustain both environment and economy. The advent of Gavi hotels has seen a rapid increase in international tourism. Eco-tourism helps conserve natural resources such as forests, wildlife, water etc. and at the same time, aids the local population with education, jobs and food, thereby preserving a much needed balance in the ecosystem.

Gavi eco-tourism comes alive within its terrain. Sweeping hills and valleys, inspiring tea and cardamom plantations and intoxicating waterfalls are its charm. Jungle safaris, night camping, trekking, river rafting, bird-watching, tree house stays and plantation visits are some of the activities that Gavi has to offer. Trekking experiences are the highlight of every traveller’s trip to Gavi. With trained local guides, treks provide interesting information about topography, soil, forests and local legend, something a visitor could take home as an unforgettable souvenir for life. Gavi is a hevan for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers alike, with jungle rides showcasing over 200 species of birds and wild animals. Sightings include endangered species like the Lion-tailed Macaque, many varieties of deer, elephant herds and birds such as woodpeckers, kingfishers etc. Gavi’s floral abundance is witnessed in several of its plant species like spider flowers and lady shoe flowers.


Jeep rides through the forest and boat trips to Gavi reservoir and catchment area provide for viewing the abundant and diverse fauna in offer. Visitors can bask in full glory of Gavi’s pristine sundown with a boating or canoeing journey through the forest. Bicycle trips, elephant rides and tea, coffee and cardamom factory visits are common tourist attractions. Night camping in tents is organized in several locations such as Pullumedu and Pachakanam. Kallar and Kochu Pamba rivers are a favourite amongst travellers – making Gavi one of the best eco-tourism destinations in Kerala.

A mere 40 Km off Gavi is the tea plantation town of Kumily in Thekkady. Abad Green Forest is a luxury jungle resort in Kumily, spread over several acres alongside the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Sprawling on the Cardamom Hills region of the Western Ghats, this Abad property ceaselessly narrates the story of the forest in a manner every visitor will relish. Here, at Abad Green Forest, the aroma of spices, the unwinding notes of nature and the intoxicating silhouette of clouds are seamlessly intertwined to feed every traveller’s dream. Early morning walks through the resort translate into a soothing concoction for the soul. For guests who would like to explore Gavi, Abad offers overnight Gavi stay with the option of Italian tents or clean and well furnished guest houses. The stay is inclusive of all meals and has convenient check-in (2pm) and check-out times, making the visit effortless and relaxing.

Amongst other Thekkady resorts, Abad Green Forest achieves unparalleled competence in the luxury resort category with international standards of hospitality. With Gavi tour and Gavi stay packages available at request for visitors and services such as a wellness centre, multi-cuisine restaurant and jungle cottages, Abad Green Forest truly satiates the thirst of an eco-tourist in the land of the coconut trees called Kerala.

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