12 things you should not miss while you are in Kerala

  1. Beautiful Sunsets


Watching sunset is a favorite choice of everyone, and if it in a place rich in scenic beauty. the joy doubles. That is why Kerala beaches and backwaters are one of the travelers favorite picks when it comes to enjoying sunsets. Kochi harbor, Marari beach, Kumarakom backwaters, Kovalam beach are the best destinations where one can capture amazing frame with a camera.

  1. Backwater Cruise


Cruise in the Kerala backwaters will definitely calm your mind. The cruise through the large lagoons and small canals bordered with lines of palm trees is a visual treat for your eyes. This also gives an opportunity for a tourist to know about the life of the communities in the shores and taste the very fresh seafood.

  1. Trekking the Kerala Hills


Would you like to breathe the unpolluted air at altitudes? Then Kerala is the best choice for you. Hike through the lush green plantations, tropical forests and misty mountains of Kerala. You will feel recharged to the fullest.

  1. Village life experience


A chat with the friendly and polite locals, learning the local age-old tradition will give you memories for a lifetime. The local tea shop can help you in this where the locals used to discuss hot news with a cup of hot tea. If you travel from north to south of Kerala, you will see variety of traditions.

  1. Street life


The beautiful and colorful streets of Kerala are worth a camera click. A stroll through these streets can get you variety of small handcrafted goods unique to this destination. The Aaranmula Kannadi (Mirror from Aranmula) and coconut shell crafts are some of them. The heritage Jew town, Marine Drive Kochi are the must visit streets of Kerala.

  1. Kerala Festivals


Kerala being a land with people belonging to different religions has a festival packed calendar. Most of them are based on seasons and are celebrated with music, dance and colors. Onam, Vishu, Thrissur Pooram, Boat Race are the few which you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting in that season. Special feasts of the season, dress codes, flowers,installations, music and dance etc will give you good memories that lasts for a lifetime.

  1. Bananas, the prime fruit of Keralites


Kerala is an agriculturist state where plantation is one of the major cultivation. One can see a wide variety of bananas in most grocery stores and tea shops. It’s eye catching that bananas of different colors yellow, green, red etc being hanged in the same store. You must try all varieties found here, each tastes different! It’s refreshing too!

  1. Coconut tree climbing


It’s amazing to watch how the local community climbs up a coconut tree with a special kind of rope tie in their feet and another rope in hand, and that too within seconds. The speed, the accuracy and their knowledge for this is really worth a study. The evolution of modern machineries have made it easy that even a beginner can climb up after a 1 hour training. The locals give training for this which is an opportunity to know more about the region and it’s fun too!

  1. Elephant bath


It’s the time to evoke the true animal love in you. Take bath with the most adorable mammal on the planet, find fun in getting totally wet with their enthusiastic splashing and have good memories.

  1. Kerala meals


A vegetarian Ela sadhya ( meals served in plantain leaf ) is one you shouldn’t miss when you are in Kerala. Earlier it was available only on season’s but now it’s available in most of the reputed restaurants. The number of curries you will get may range from 12 to 26 depending on the time of the year you visit. If it is Kerala’s festival season then you will get the best Ela Sadhya. This also comes n a non-vegetarian versions in the northern part of Kerala where you will get seafood and meat curries along with the vegetarian curries. Whichever form you had finish it with a handful of Paalada ( sweet porridge ), that’s the classy way to finish it!

  1. Get acquainted with local spices


The land of spices will give you amazing opportunity to get acquainted with local spices. Pepper, cardamom, clove, vanilla etc. is available in plenty. There are retail outlets where you can buy these spices as per your requirement. It’s also available in compact packs ready to be gifted to your loved ones.

  1. Take selfies with locals


The warmth and hospitality you receive from each local you meet in Kerala is heart filling. So a selfie with them is one cool way to remember the beautiful time you had in the state.

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