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Luxury Resorts in Wayanad

Mystic green hills fragrant with natural spices, forests teeming with exotic flora and mighty beasts, remnants of the earliest civilizations in the world and waterfalls crashing down on the hearts of rocks – Wayanad is truly a home to wonderful and exhilarating forms of nature! It is a place where adventure geeks can chase the extremes of nature; the nature lovers can experience heaven on earth and honeymooners can enjoy a time of their lives away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Wayanad is the most perfect and tangible rendition of magic created by the Almighty that will leave you with beautiful memories and unsurpassable experiences to cherish your entire lifetime.

Enjoying your holidays in Kerala at one of the exquisite luxury resorts in Wayanad will help you relish the mesmerizing traditional hospitality blended with the rich culture of God’s own country. To make the most of this stunning destination, pick an accommodation that can pamper your tired bodies after an adventurous day and offer a lavish stay accompanied by an extremely well-crafted bouquet of hospitality services.

Abad Luxury Resorts in Wayanad

Abad brings you two of its gems – Abad Brookside and Parisons Plantation Resort, two luxury resorts in Wayanad nestled amidst the lush green nature and surrounded by the best of Wayanad attractions. At Abad, we offer services and stay experiences soaked in luxury and comfort that make your vacation an affair to remember. Rooms equipped with all the modern-day amenities and facilities to enjoy your stay; restaurants serving delectable cuisines from various genres; diligent teams ready to serve you better than the best; and a perfect co-existence of nature, traditions, modern lifestyle and luxury – Abad is a name that you can trust when it comes to indulgence and luxury!

Abad Brookside

We offer a stay drenched in luxury and indulgence along with all the traditional offerings of Kerala. In luxury’s own lap at Abad Brookside, you can embrace the laid-back life and enjoy the local exploration with the guided tours. Take a dip in a hanging swimming pool; listen to the birds chirping among the trees; take a long walk in the forest along the stream and soak-in the warm sun while lounging and sipping on the rich brews of coffee. Abad Brookside, one of the luxury resorts in Wayanad is located right next to the forest and seems like a plush twin of the same, except, it is soaked in luxury and charm!

Parisons Plantation Resort

Have you ever dreamt of living on rolling green pastures or meadows with no honking cars or daily routine rush? Do you want to enjoy a sunny and languid vacation surrounded by breathtaking landscapes all around? At Abad, we offer an extremely well-crafted vacation experience in the form of Parisons Plantation Resorts with a rich history of more than 200 years. Stretching across a staggering 4025 acres and perched a height of 3000 ft, Parisons Plantation is one of the finest luxury resorts in Wayanad that comprises of two heritage bungalows, beautiful tea plantations and a lush green natural carpet stretching everywhere you see!

Enjoy sipping on fresh local teas while admiring the views fanning in all directions. Read your favourite book while sitting in a quaint wrap-around verandah till the evening shadows are cast long. Or, enjoy really long romantic walks with your loved ones in the tea plantations or play hide and seek amidst the trees! Being ranked as one of the most elegant luxury resorts in Wayanad, Parisons Plantation will redefine laid-back vacations for you!

From local tours to all the famous and off-beat attractions calling your vacation spirits, to extremely personalized stay experiences trimmed and tailored to your liking, the team at Abad leaves no stone unturned to pamper you. Enjoy riding a traditional bamboo raft and explore the rainforests of Kuruva Island, trail the heights at Chembra Peak and Phantom Rock, chase the rivers and heads of waterfalls in Wayanad, embrace the beauty of nature and explore the tiger trails at Tholpetty and Muthunga – Team Abad will make sure to help you enjoy the best of Wayanad!

Come, sink into luxury and handcrafted vacation and stay experiences at the boutique accommodations offered by Abad – a name symbolizing luxury, charm, prosperity, and well-being.

Now experience a delightful stay in Wayanad with the most desirable luxury resorts in Wayanad, Kerala!