Tourist Hotspots of Wayanad

There are a select few destinations that are an intricate confluence of all forms of nature. Wayanad an acclaimed tourist hotspot, abounds in mountains, water bodies, forests and wildlife making it a treasure trove of natural beauty. Brimming with history and culture this verdurous area attracts not just those travelling for pleasure but also history buffs and students of archaeology. Some of the famous spots oft frequented by visitors are as follows.

Banasura Sagar Dam

  • Banasura Sagar Dam, the largest earthen dam in India provides not only the most scenic view of the hills but also has options for trekking and boat rides.
  • Kuruvadweep, the uninhabited islands located right in the middle of the Kabini River, abounds in opportunities for adventure sports like river rafting, zip lining and kayaking.
  • Edakkal Caves situated in the Ambukutty hills is a natural magnum opus. Apart from being one of the most sacred places to visit, this cave from the neolithic age has pictorial depictions belonging to that era.
  • Wayanad is endowed with many a majestic waterfall like the Meenmutty, Soochipara, Kanthapara, Chenthalayam falls to name a few.
  • The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary have safaris through the forests that helps see animals up close in their natural element.

Kuruva Island Waynad

Many resorts in Wayanad offer services that gives the travel enthusiast an all-embracing experience. Most of these resorts have a peaceful ambience that sets the tone for a thoroughly relaxing and enriching trip. A sojourn in a Nature resort in Wayanad set on forested grounds could lead to spotting of wildlife, birds, insects and rare species of plant life. It is said that the human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by man. Wayanad nurtures this very human spirit refining it in a way that is best done only by Mother Nature.

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