Tips to Book the Best Honeymoon Resort in Munnar

Abad copper Castle - Munnar

There are not a lot of places in this country that can boast of a scenic majesty of the lush tea gardens. Munnar is one such place, which houses the said green beauty. Located in the Idukki district, Munnar is a hill station situated 1,600 meters above the sea level. The Munnar hills are basically a part of the Western Ghats mountain range. Often regarded as the ‘Kashmir of South India’, Munnar is amongst the most popular honeymoon destinations in this country. What attracts the newlywed couples the most is the sublime weather of Munnar, which makes the hill station look nothing short of a setting from a romantic fantasy movie. The weather is so blissful that it has become the leading attraction for the tourists. With the romantic weather as the perfect background, Munnar has so much to offer. The hill station has a wide range of flora and fauna, which can be witnessed by the tourists in its full glory in the form of Eravikulam National Park, which also is the home to the rare Nilgiri Tahr. Apart from the flora and fauna, the natural landscapes of the place are also marvellous, including the numerous waterfalls, which the entire Munnar is dotted by. Adding on to everything beautiful regarding the place, the lush tea estates are something that is unique to the hill station and offer an experience unlike any. Thus, Munnar becomes an easy preference for newlywed couples to spend their honeymoon. Therefore ideally, there exists an interesting range of Honeymoon resorts in Munnar. In Munnar resorts for couples are a common thing, so there should be intrinsic planning involved while booking the place to stay, as there are numerous options to choose from. Don’t let that scare you, as we are here to break down your complex planning and provide you with the best of the options.

Tip 1: Plan the duration of your honeymoon

Munnar has plenty of attractions to visit. Therefore, it gets extremely important to plan the number of days of your honeymoon stay, so that you neither miss out on anything beautiful that you later regret, nor you overstay and kill your time. The resort is as good as the duration you carve out for it. An ideal honeymoon vacation to Munnar spreads across a period of 4 days and 3 nights. This is considered to be the ideal period to witness the entire glory of Munnar without wasting any valuable romantic time. Hence, the first and foremost thing to look out for while booking Honeymoon resorts in Munnar is to look for resorts which offer an exclusive package for honeymooners. Amongst all the Munnar resorts for couples is the perfect honeymoon resort located in a cliff in Pothenmedu, Abad Copper Castle. This resort is known for its perfect location and it offers the perfect package to spend on a honeymoon.

Tip 2: Make sure you don’t get bored in the resort

Honeymoon is all about spicing up the new marriage. Apart from roaming in the beautiful scenic locations, honeymoon trips kind of get boring and dull once the couples come back to the hotel, as in most cases hotels and resorts are only limited to the services they provide inside the rooms. Thus, once looking for places to spend your honeymoon in Munnar, one must consider the fact that how interesting the hotel or the resort is. One such interesting resort for couples on their honeymoons are the Abad Copper Castle. This picturesque resort offers a breathtaking view of the valley. The resort also offers an exclusive campfire area so that the guests may indulge in some leisure activities outside their rooms too. The resort offers floral arrangements in the rooms with a cake and candlelight dinner on request. Along with the campfire area, the resort also has the feature of an Ayurveda centre. This helps the guests release their tensions and indulge in some ayurvedic healing experience, which Kerala is inherently known for.


Tip 3: Book your honeymoon reosrt in Munnar early

Book early — ideally, it is recommended at least three months out. Most hotels and suppliers in the hill station of Munnar, have set their rates for the following year, and booking early allows you to take your time, make the right decisions and secure your first choice in airfare and accommodations. After all, your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Thus, the advance booking becomes a must so as to avoid the tourist rush and last moment high prices. Abad Copper Castle provides you with the opportunity to book your stay as early as 6 months to 1 year. The prices too are great value for money and extremely affordable.


Tips 4: Do your research

While impromptu holidays are great, a honeymoon is perhaps not the best time to experiment. Before you set out for this special holiday, do go through all your accommodation options, and pick one that suits you best. Ask your friends and relatives who have been to Munnar before about the best places to stay in the hill station. Read customer reviews and travel blogs about hotels in the area, speak to people who might have visited the place and go through the hotel ratings on reliable websites. While you may find numerous options to choose from on the internet, the reviews and features of the Abad Copper Castle are superior to anything in the hill station of Munnar. Countless reviews along with the beautiful pictures of the gorgeous resort will substantiate the same. This resort was taken over by Abad group and renovated the entire property bringing it with a fresh look in 2016. Rooms with balcony facing the hills and valley will be ideal for honeymoon couples.


Tips 5: Inform the hotel about the Honeymoon

Letting the hotel know about the honeymoon will most likely result in good service and some special treatment. Most hotels also offer a honeymoon package, which allows many services like a candlelight dinner, a room with a good balcony view. Also, another important aspect about informing the hotel about the honeymoon is that it gives the hotel a duty to bestow you with a sense of much-needed privacy.


Tip 6: Fix a budget

Clear your head, fix a budget, and then plan your honeymoon. Look for options that will save you a lot of money, which you can further invest in getting a new experience. For example, instead of a luxury hotel, book a romantic resort and spend that money on any of the activity that interests you and your better half. One such romantic resort is the Abad Copper Castle located in Pothamedu. It perfectly blends both luxuries as well as budget efficient aspects of a honeymoon stay. Tea garden and museum, as well as the Mattupetty dam, are also must-visits in Munnar.

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