Tips for Booking the Perfect Business Conference Halls in Ernakulam

A ‘well put together’ conference is a combination of various elements – some significant and a few trivial, but together they are a formula for success. The success of a business conference is a result of multiple factors. And it starts with the selection of the venue. Selecting the right conference hall is key to its success. It must be worth the money and meet a combination of needs.

With multiple conferences halls in Ernakulam, you may find yourself spoilt for choice. Still, to ensure that delegates have a memorable experience, it is imperative to consider certain aspects, before making a decision. Establishing the size of the conference is always a good starting point – it narrows down your search for suitable conference halls in Ernakulam, as you have a clear picture of the seating capacity that is required. Location is another critical element, which cannot be ignored.

Tips to Book the Perfect Business Conference Halls

Abad meeting and conference hall

The conference venue should be easily accessible, and that is where Abad Plaza fits the bill. It is located centrally, in one of the more popular localities, and is well connected to other parts of the city. Moreover, it is an established name, with an outstanding reputation and ambience to match – it sets the right mood for a conference, guaranteeing a lasting impression on everyone who attends.

Here are a few tips that can help you get the perfect conference hall that meets your demands. 

Identify your requirement

An essential part of planning a conference is knowing the kind of setup you want. Is the conference going to include just presentations and lectures? Is it going to be interactive? What kind of atmosphere do you want? Are you looking for a staid, theatre kind of seating arrangement, or would you prefer a relaxed, informal seating arrangement? 

Casual seating will have multiple tables (usually round) with a group of people seated around them. Discuss the seating with the venue manager, and discuss the minute details with them. Would you like the tables to have a centrepiece? Would you like to place note pads, pens and brochures, along with water, on each table? Would you prefer water in glasses or branded bottled water?

What kind of venue do you want? An open-air, garden venue, may sound appealing, but it can be a distraction, especially when lectures and presentations are on. Choose an enclosed space, with wall panels and doors, to avoid distractions. Ensure that the hall is soundproof, so sounds from adjoining places do not infiltrate the conference hall. For instance, you would not want blaring music from a party, in the room across the corridor to disturb your meeting.

Crowd strength

Keep a tab on the invitations sent out, check the RSVPs, for confirmations. Have your secretary call those who have not confirmed their attendance, as it helps to have a nearly exact number of guests who will be present at the conference. Make sure that the venue can accommodate the crowd. It would help if you were convinced that there is enough seating space at the site. All the same, the seating should be comfortable, with enough room for people to move around freely, especially in an informal setting. 

Knowing the number of attendees also helps with catering. You will not want to run short of snacks or lunch/dinner. Also, space should not be restrained, especially during breaks, when people move around and interact with each other.

Events and meeting room


We are listing essentials that must be present at the venue, to ensure the smooth progress of the conference:

  • Projection screen/whiteboard: The venue must offer both, a hi-tech projection screen and a smartboard. You do not want to be struggling with the presentation at the conference, hence, ensure that the equipment is modern and in perfect working condition
  • WiFi and video conferencing system: A high-speed/bandwidth connection in case a video conferencing session is included, is imperative
  • Audio equipment and acoustics: An excellent microphone and sound system which ensures the speakers are audible, is the primary requirement of a good conference. Additionally, the hall should be designed for such conferences, so the voices of the speakers do not get muffled and inaudible. A few cordless mikes, for guest interaction sessions, are also a must.
  • Power backup: A venue with a 100% power backup, is desirable. Further, the backup power must kick in immediately, in case of a power outage. You would not want to lose the momentum of the conference, while you and your guests wait for the power to be restored.
  • Air conditioning: The air conditioning should work perfectly and come with a facility to manually control temperatures. Some halls can get cold, while others leave you feeling uncomfortable and stuffy. The venue must feel fresh and comfortable.
  • Restrooms: Do not overlook the restrooms. Choose a venue that offers multiple washrooms, where hygiene is looked upon as a priority. The restrooms must be located on the same floor as the conference hall.
  • Miscellaneous: Lighting, tea room and competent staff

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Check the layout of the main hall. Make sure that fire exits are clearly marked and easily identifiable. Determine if the layout suitable to hold the crowd? Does it have outside space, for those who want to stretch their legs or want a bit of fresh air? Does it have a car park?

Abad Plaza provides halls for conferences, conventions, meetings and exhibitions in Kochi. We have 7 meeting rooms that can accommodate as few as 20-50 people and large halls that can seat as many as 450 people. We provide all the facilities and amenities mentioned in this article, and then some more. The venue serves Indian and continental food and has a swimming pool, Ayurveda centre etc., on the premises. Cultural events, as part of the entertainment, during conference meetings, are also arranged. Our banquet manager can customise the food menu as per your food requirement. Check our website for more details.

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