Sun is shining back in Kerala, safe to travel now

Kerala After Flood

Kerala witnessed one of its worst deluges since 1924 and many places got almost submerged under water for few days. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the Central and State Governments and the unparalleled help from locals, the damage caused by this deluge was confined quickly.

The people of Kerala banded together to rescue and rebuild the state and has successfully restored the beauty of God’s own country in many places. The tourism department joined hands with other departments and worked feverishly to welcome visitors back again. With this massive joint overhaul effort, the land is now more than safe to travel, stay, and enjoy!

With the Sun shining back in Kerala, the place has once again returned to the tourism map as the much-favored destination for travelers and tourists alike. Kerala honeymoon tour packages are now back in demand. The tourist hot spots of Kerala have become lively yet again with thousands of tourists making short and long duration trips. This is what one of our regular visitors had to say – “I never imagined that the state will come back to normal so soon. The resilience of Keralites is much appreciable.”

Floods are natural cleansing mechanism of nature. Cleansed in the most natural way, the backwaters at Alappuzha have also resumed drawing tourists.  Alleppey houseboat packages are offering an unforgettable experience to tourists who love to cruise along inlets and rivulets enjoying the nature at its pristine best.

Alleppey Houseboat

With Mother Nature back to its calm and serene mode, this is the best time to visit the tourist destinations of Kerala. Smoke all your worries into the air and book your next flight to Kerala to enjoy a perfectly safe vacation!  God’s own country is waiting afresh to welcome you after a rejuvenating dip in heavenly water!

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