Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Resort in Alleppey – A Unique Experience

For most travellers, planning a vacation to a beach resort in Kerala appears to be an ultimate dream holiday. The warm tropical sun, sandy beaches and the beckoning sea make for an ideal setting for a break from the monotonous everyday life. While beachfront resorts are aplenty, the best ones promise something more than just the sun, surf, and sand. 

The Turtle Beach Resort – Mararikulam has all the trappings for us to pronounce it the best beach resort in Alleppey. The beachfront resort is a tranquil place, tucked away in Marari beach, away from all the hustle and bustle. It sits cosily on the shores of the Arabian Sea. The expanse of the blue waters, the white sands and the waves softly caressing the shores give the resort a distinctive character. The calming, almost mesmerising appeal has a certain allure that cannot be put down in words; you have to be a part of it, to experience it. 

The Abad property has much to be proud of – an incredible setting, fantastic facilities, scrumptious food and holistic Ayurveda treatments and yoga.


Revival Ayurveda Wellness Centre

However, that is just one side of it; the property has the distinction of being one of the best Ayurvedic beach resorts in Alleppey, with a full-fledged Revival Ayurveda Wellness Centre operating on the premises.

Ayurvedic Resort Alleppey

Revival Ayurveda is the signature concept launched by Abad Hotels and Resorts. Revival Ayurveda adopts a holistic healing approach keeping it in sync with traditional Ayurveda therapies, with help from experts at the Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala, recognised for its pioneering work in Ayurvedic medicine, since over eight and a half decades. 

The Revival Wellness centres, at Abad hotels and resorts, use only GMP and ISO certified medicines for treatment. The medicines are tested and approved safe for use.


About the accommodation

The Mararikulam Turtle Beach Resort offers its guests a comfortable stay. The resort has well-appointed cottages with a private patio. The cottages are clean, cosy and air-conditioned. All cottages have en suite bathrooms with shower cubicles. The rooms are fitted with a TV and tea/coffee maker. Guests have access to free Wi-Fi. The bed linen and towels are changed daily. The resort also has an organic vegetable farm where fresh fruits and vegetables are grown.

Abad Turtle Resort Mararikulam

The accommodation available at Ayurvedic beach resort, Mararikkulam is single/twin sharing. Children under 06 years of age are accommodated free of charge. However, children aged between 06 – 12 years accompanying adults are charged 50% of the adult charge.


Full board Ayurveda meals

While its strategic location makes it the perfect vacation destination, the inhouse facilities take our Turtle Beach Resort to the next level of perfection. In this ideal Ayurvedic resort at Mararikulam, guests are offered full board Ayurveda treatment packages, making it a perfect health retreat.

Full board Ayurveda meals are a speciality here. A vegetarian course will be prescribed by our in-house doctor based on the disease evaluation (Dooshya Prakruthi) and body type (Dosha Prakruthi) of the guest. The food served is prepared to focus on promoting balance within the tri-doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and the guests are supposed to take meals in time as per the instructions. 

The tenets of Ayurveda suggest that healing starts from within. Good health begins with eating healthily and eating the right foods in the right combinations, at the right time. Doing so improves and maintains digestive health, which is crucial for overall health. The digestive system is where toxins accumulate, and the right foods can help with their elimination. The cuisine prepared at ABAD is designed to heal the body from within while satisfying the taste buds.


Daily treatment sessions

Guests are given a one-to-one consultation with an experienced in-house Ayurveda doctor. The consultation helps in identifying core health issues and the ensuing treatment. Ayurveda treatments are part of the package and offered every day of the guest’s stay.

Remember, Ayurveda is a natural way of medicine and prescribes only herbal potions for treatment. Panchakarma treatment – the Ayurveda method of healing and detoxification of the mind and body, involves five different therapies. Guests are given daily healing and detoxification treatments that last between 90-120 minutes. The treatments soothe the body and calm the mind. Medicines used during the procedure, even those prescribed for oral consumption are provided as part of the package.

Ayurveda is incomplete without Yoga, a form of exercise that includes breathing exercises and holding the body in different postures. Guests join a scheduled hour-long group session of Yoga, on all days, except on the day they check-in and on days they undergo detoxification therapies. 

The package includes stay, meals, Ayurveda treatment, yoga sessions and consultation with a doctor and internal medication. The cost of the package consists of all applicable taxes, and there are no extra charges for any of these services.


Pick-up and drop

Guests booked for Ayurvedic treatments with a minimum stay of 10 days are offered free pick up and drop to the airport.

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