First Time in Kerala – How to Plan your Trip?

Plan a trip to Kerala

Kerala is a feast of history, heritage, art, culture and has the most hospitable people. You cannot see Kerala in a day or two; it is better to set aside a few days to explore the beautiful coastal state. It has beautiful hill stations and tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, backwaters, beaches which are at an average of 3 hrs drive from each other. Do not rush yourself, in a bid to pack in all the sights and experiences, in a very short period. Plan an itinerary or at least know the places you want to visit and the things you …..

Best Routes for Chennai to Wayanad Road Trip

Wayanad road trip

Victoria Erickson was so right when she said, ‘Road trips are equivalent of human wings…’ Avid travellers prefer road trips, even when the destination is known. Unlike flights, trains and buses, road trips do not bind and restrict. A road trip lets you be in control, allowing you to stop and explore towns and villages on the route. That way you see and discover a lot more than just what you hope for, at your destination. Wayanad is almost always on the list of ‘to visit places’ of travel enthusiasts. It is an ideal destination for different types of travellers; and …..

Ideal 5-day Itinerary for your vacation in Kerala

5 day visit to Kerala

Are you planning a short, 5-day vacation in Kerala? Though 5 days in Kerala may not seem like much; we can show you how to make the most of your short break. A well-planned itinerary is all you need to explore this beautiful southern state. Here is a plan designed to make your 5-day trip to Kerala memorable. It is a bit rushed, but trust us, it is the best way to enjoy Kerala and all it has to offer. Check the best 5-day itineraries in Kerala in the hill station, near the wildlife sanctuary and the backwaters. Day 1 …..

Jungle Trekking in Thekkady

Jungle Trekking in Thekkady

Thekkady in Kerala is the perfect spot for adventure and thrill-seekers. Although it is known chiefly for its reserve forests and exotic wildlife, Thekkady has to offer much more than that. Speaking of wildlife, the place is home to some rare species of animals, such as wild boars, sambar, spotted deer, langur, lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri Tahr, Indian bison and elephants, tigers and leopards and more. You are more likely to have wildlife sightings in Thekkady, than anywhere else. A trip here promises to entice and bring you close to nature. There is a lot to do here – sail on …..

Bird Watching in Wayanad – Best Locations

Bird watcher in Wayanad

Wayanad is stunningly beautiful with natural surroundings and waterfalls A thick virgin forest covered in mist, Wayanad has among the most spectacular landscapes that you can imagine. But, that is just one side of it; this little patch of paradise is home to exotic wildlife. It promises to give tourists an experience to remember. Many of the nature resorts in Wayanad offer birding tours that provide birdwatchers unique chances to spot birds in their natural habitat.  Bird watchers, in particular, can expect a trip to Wayanad to be memorable. The dense forests of Wayanad give shelter to over 300 species of …..

Beach Resorts in Kerala – Plan Your Beach Vacation

Beach vacation in Kerala

Kerala scores a 10/10 on all aspects related to nature. A mention of Kerala instantly conjures vivid images of the backwaters, and the gurgling streams and waterfalls, tea and coffee estates, and misty hills, lush with greenery and of course, the chill fresh air. But, the Southern state’s abundance of nature does not end there. It is also home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the country.    Blue, warm waters, and an expanse of golden sandy beaches with swaying palms as a backdrop create an ideal ambience for a perfect beach vacation. We are not talking about …..

How to Plan Your Bangalore to Wayanad Road Trip?

Bandipur Route to Wayanad

Packing all that you need into the boot of your car, or into a knapsack and zooming off to your destination, is what road trips are all about. Road trips promise to be a lot of fun and are the best way to go on a short break. However, it is always good to plan a road trip, even if it is a spontaneous one. Knowing the distance, the route and other finer details ensure a comfortable, enjoyable, safe and stress-free trip.   This detailed catalogue is intended for people looking for tips for their Bangalore to Wayanad road trip. …..

Best Time to Visit Kerala

Best time to visit Fort Kochi

To say that Kerala is beautiful all year round is not bragging; it is a fact. The little piece of paradise is aptly labelled as God’s own country. The gods have been generous to Kerala, blessing her with a bountiful of nature. Think of Kerala and vivid imagery of a carpet of green will probably play through your mind, interspersed with streams and waterfalls and lakes and the sea, rolling hills and forests and exotic flora and fauna and more.   Each season gives you a reason to visit Kerala. If you love the rains and all that drama that …..

Bangalore to Munnar – Travel Plan Guide

Bangalore to Munnar - Travel Plan

  Munnar is a quaint little hamlet, in Kerala, nestled in the hills of the Western Ghats. The place abounds with natural beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes – mist covered rolling hills, waterfalls and streams, verdant forests and sprawling coffee and tea plantations. It is a piece of paradise, right here on earth. On the other hand, Bangalore in neighbouring Karnataka is a bustling modern city, which you need a break from.   Munnar is a favourite haunt for people of Bangalore, wanting an escape from the drudgery of city life. It is an ideal place to head to, on a …..

Nehru trophy and Champions Boat League 2019

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Every year during the monsoon season,   the tranquil waters of Alleppey are set to fire by biggest snake boat race in the world – The Nehru trophy boat race.  About 100-200 oarsmen row 100-200 ft long snake boats to tunes of traditional boat songs in perfect harmony and synchronization.     The visual treat for the onlookers starts with pomp and pageantry of the competing boats that precedes the boat race. Nehru Trophy boat race is not just an annual boat race for the people of the watery villages of Alleppey, Kerala, it is a vital part of their culture …..