Kochi becoming a hub for MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions)

Over the recent years, organizing business meetings and conferences has become an industry in itself, the most important factor being the ambiance of the venue of the event. Kochi is fast emerging as a hub for MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) owing to the fine mix of culture, natural backwater settings and availability of state of the art technology to match the global standards. Two major service areas are involved in bringing these business conventions to Kerala namely Business Tourism and event management.

The main stakeholders in the huge and diverse MICE industry are:

  1. Infrastructure Providers

All major hotels in Kochi and convention centers provide an extravagant setting for conducting state of the art global conferences and meetings. It is widely believed that ambiance plays a major role in inspiring participants and ensures productive sessions.

  1. Organizers

They are the key stakeholders in MICE and work to make the front end attractive and make sure that the things at the backstage work smoothly.

  1. Subcontractors

There are many other areas like Media, Catering, PR and Travel Agents who work together along with the organizers to make the global event a grant success.

Impacts of MICE on Kochi

  • High revenue generation

As the city’s tourism is boomed, it directly impacts revenue generation by boosting supporting industries like hotel, food, travel etc.

  • Increase in Foreign Investment

Local companies get a chance to exhibit their potential thereby attracting foreign investment.

  • Increase in employment

Due the large amount of workforce required, MICE increases chances of employment in Kochi thus improving the earnings of the localities.

  • Increase usage and awareness of technology

MICE scale event needs a lot of work hence people are moving towards event management software’s for many tasks. This improves knowledge of new technology and speeds up the setting up many MICE related areas.


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