Idukki – Kerala’s Green Paradise

Tourist Destinations In Idukki

Idukki is one of the major hill stations of Kerala that woos tourists with its diverse attractions. There are many unspoiled sections of nature in Idukki wherein you can unwind yourself from the stresses of urban life. Home to bountiful endemic flora and fauna, Idukki has a wonderful ecosystem that persuades you to keep coming back.

Thekkady – A place for your soul

Thekkady Tour Packages

If you are looking for a revitalizing experience, then Thekkady is the place to be! The climate of Thekkady itself is salubrious with cool mists and tranquil air. The lovely waterfalls, exotic wildlife, lush green hills – all give a soothing experience to any visitor. A jeep safari through the wilderness is the best way to touch the soul of Thekkady.

Choose any of the luxury resorts in Thekkady that will help you to blend with the soul of Thekkady and make your trip a memorable one.

Munnar – A feast for your eyes
Munnar Tour Packages

Munnar is a haven for those looking for peace and tranquility. The breathtaking scenic beauty of Munnar is attracting tourists from every nook and corner of the world. The uniqueness and features of Munnar are aplenty that it cannot be portrayed in a single canvas.

People love to soak themselves in the views of this hill station and escape from the dull routines of their lives. Apart from these, the majestic hills of Munnar have many scenic hiking and trekking trails that offer an adventurous expedition. You can choose some of the offbeat trekking tails and explore the biodiversity and endemism of Munnar.

Pick the most scenically placed from among the best resorts in Munnar and spend a memorable vacation that you will enjoy brimful.

These are the 2 major destinations that make Idukki a place that every discerning traveler should include in their itinerary. It is an exuberant getaway that offers a myriad of attractions to a variety of vacationers.

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