How to Plan Your Bangalore to Wayanad Road Trip?

Plan your Bangalore to Wayanad Road Trip

Packing all that you need into the boot of your car, or into a knapsack and zooming off to your destination, is what road trips are all about. Road trips promise to be a lot of fun and are the best way to go on a short break. However, it is always good to plan a road trip, even if it is a spontaneous one. Knowing the distance, the route and other finer details ensure a comfortable, enjoyable, safe and stress-free trip.


This detailed catalogue is intended for people looking for tips for their Bangalore to Wayanad road trip. A planned itinerary takes a load of pressure off the mind. You know what to do, and what to expect, for most parts to the journey. So, let’s help you get on the road from Bangalore to Wayanad.


Bangalore to Wayanad Distance

Wayanad is approximately 350 km from Bangalore, and the distance varies depending on the route you take. It takes roughly 6-7 hours to cover the distance since part of the route is through hilly terrain, where you cannot do high speed. 


The drive from Bangalore to Wayanad is smooth, for most of the journey, as these are toll roads, very well-maintained by the Highways Dept. They are four-lane roads, with medians separating the oncoming traffic, with well-planned laybys and service roads. White lines, cat’s eyes and blinking LED road studs, are additional safety measures, on these roads. You’ll cross the toll booths at an approximate distance of 40-60km of each other. 


The Ghats roads are narrower and a little challenging. For one, you are continually ascending, and there are sharp hairpin bends that require skill and precision to manoeuvre while avoiding the traffic descending. Also, hilly terrains are unpredictable, with fog rising without warning, hampering visibility. Keep this in mind when making your Bangalore to Wayanad road trip plan. Start early, to avoid driving on the Ghat stretch after sunset. 


Best routes from Bangalore to Wayanad

Bangalore to wayanad Road trip

You’re in your own vehicle when you’re on a road trip, so you’re at liberty to decide the route you want to take. There are three distinctive routes that you can choose. All three routes are good; we suggest you take one route on the way up, and another on your way back. This way, you’ll get to see a lot more and make the trip a memorable one. 


The Mysore route

You will cross several interesting sights on this route, along NH 275. The route you’ll follow is Bangalore – Channapatna – Srirangapatna – Mysore – Kattikulam – Wayanad. It is 324 km stretch and takes roughly 7 hours, with a few pit stops. 


However, if you choose to halt at the tourist attractions, it will take a little longer. The places of interest that we recommend are –

  • Heritage Winery: A winery at Channapatna, offers tours of the vineyards and distillery, demonstrating how they make the Sula wine. It is an enchanting place and the tour informative. You get to taste the wine (but don’t get drunk, you’ve got to hit the road). The Epulo restaurant on the facility serves good food
  • Barachuki Falls: Worth taking a detour, during the monsoon, when the falls are at their glory
  • Gumbaz: The Gumbaz in Srirangapatna houses the tombs of Tipu Sultan and his parents
  • Mysore: There is a lot to see and do in Mysore, we suggest at least a full day, to visit the Amba Vilas Palace, Brindavan Gardens and the Mysore Zoo 

The Coorg Route

Reaching Wayanad via Coorg is through a slightly longer route; nevertheless, it is worth  every bit of your time and effort. It is a long, scenic drive, to Coorg, just over 250 km, via NH 75 Hit the Bangalore-Mysore Road – Bidadi – Ramanagara – Channapatna – Hunsur – Periyapatna – Karadigodu (Coorg) – SH 89 – Wayanad. The distance between Coorg and Wayanad is close to 110 km.


If you have the time, do visit the perennial waterfalls – Abbey Falls and Mallalli Falls. Take a historical tour of the Madikeri Fort, check the viewpoints for a bird’s eye view of the Western Ghats. 


The Somnathpur-Bandipur Route

The route cuts through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve Forest area and is an almost 400 km drive. You’ll take NH 275 and NH 766. Bangalore – Channapatna – Malavalli – Somanathapura – Gundlupet – Bandipur – Wayanad. 

Bandipur Route to Wayanad

The highlight of this route is the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and National Park. You will inevitably encounter wildlife on your drive, deer, elephants, foxes, mongooses, peacocks etc. Stop at the Forest Reserve office for a wildlife safari. It is a tiger territory and the chances of spotting a tiger in the wild, are high. 


The other places of interest on this route are the ancient Chennakesava Temple built by the Hoysalas and Gopalaswamy Betta the highest and Chembra Peak, both for the views they offer. 


Best time to Travel

The months between October and May are the best for planning a Bangalore to Wayanad road trip. The rains subside by then, and the mercury fluctuates between 10 º – 25 º Celsius, which is very pleasant. The forests turn lush green, and the lovely climate brings the wildlife out. 


The months between June and September are good too if you don’t mind the rain because there is plenty of it. However, it is an ideal time to visit – the landscape comes alive. The rains drench the earth, and the surroundings turn verdant. An endless surge of frothy water explodes from the waterfalls and the streams and rivers dance a little more. Nature puts up a lovely show.


Nature resorts to stay

Nature Resort In Wayanad

You’ll find many nature resorts in Wayanad to stay in, our newly launched one is Abad Brookside, Lakkidi set amidst the forest. You’ll love it for more reasons than one. It offers a comfortable stay, has every modern amenity, and a complimentary breakfast spread for every guest. The highlight of the property is a natural brook flowing through the edge of the resort and all our cottages have a view to the adjoining forest. 

The resort’s location is to die for, cocooned amidst the greenest of green hills, engulfed in the mist – nature unfolds a drama every second here. You’ll love the freshness that the setting offers. It is the best rejuvenation therapy that you can get at a nature resort. This place is ideal for birdwatching with at least 15 to 20 species of birds which can be spotted in and around the property And Abad is a known name in the hospitality industry. 

Safety measures

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind, while you are on a road trip –

  • Make sure your vehicle is in top condition, have it serviced, tank up and check the air pressure of your wheels, even the spare wheel
  • Don’t drink and drive and stick to the speed limit
  • Shift to a lower gear, when driving uphill (1 or 2) and don’t do high speed
  • Don’t park your vehicle on the highway – move to the laybys
  • Carry water, snacks and packed food
  • Be sure you are rested before your journey
  • Start your journey early to avoid traffic
  • Make sure you cross the Ghats before it gets dark
  • Be alert while driving through the Ghats and Forest Reserve – wild animals can appear out of nowhere
  • Don’t be distracted while negotiating the Ghats, stay focused
  • Don’t step out of your vehicle for selfies with wildlife. It is prohibited as well as being dangerous


The last 2km stretch to our property is off road track, so if you are not travelling in an SUV we can provide resort’s safe parking facility in the main road.

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