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It is the middle of the year, and from June Kerala is one of the beautiful places in India to visit. As the monsoon season begins, it is the time to experience the magical beauty of Kerala, experiencing the drizzle and enjoying the breeze, watching the mist covered hills of Munnar or sitting on the lake side at Kumarakom and watching the rain approaching you from a distance. The monsoon in Kerala does not mean nonstop rainfall for weeks. Here it is different. Typically it rains for some time and is followed by sunshine, sometimes creating a rainbow in the sky. The whole environment turns lush & green and the weather becomes cool & pleasant. The waterfall en route to Munnar offers its splendor at its best.  These magical sights can only be experienced during monsoon.

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Monsoon tourism in Kerala is fast catching up and it is already a hit with the honeymooners. Kerala has two rainy seasons, the southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon. The Southwest monsoon reaches in the month of June and as it comes in the middle of the month Edavam on Malayalam calendar, it is known as Edavappathy. And the northeast monsoon hits Kerala in mid-October or Thulam in the Malayalam calendar, it is called Thulamvarsham (The Rains in Thulam). The temperature ranges from 23 to maximum of 27 degree centigrade and thus the monsoon is a good time to experience Kerala.

Why monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala

Experience Ayurveda

ayurveda treatments in kerala


Most of the travelers visit Kerala for Ayurveda treatments. It is said in ancient Ayurveda that, monsoon is the best time to get Ayurveda treatments, the cool and dust free atmosphere makes the human body to respond efficiently and makes the therapy effective. As nature regains with the rains, it is revival time for us too.

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Houseboat Cruise on the lake


A holiday in Kerala isn’t complete without a houseboat cruise through the backwater. And adding it to the charm is the monsoon, it’s really a unique experience to have a houseboat cruise on monsoon. Where you can explore the greenery drenched in rain and cruising through the cool atmosphere of the wet season.

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Experience the Beach

Lean back, relax and enjoy the cool ambience of the beach socked in rain and listen to the waves make music with a cup of hot coffee.

Munnar in Monsoon


Munnar is one of the most attractive destinations in Kerala. Visiting Munnar in the Monsoon where one can enjoy the cool climate and the misty atmosphere.  In fact, it is very refreshing with greenery all around .Light warm clothes and an umbrella (which most hotels provide) help you to travel comfortably during your visit.

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