Best Time to Visit Kerala

Best time to visit Kerala

To say that Kerala is beautiful all year round is not bragging; it is a fact. The little piece of paradise is aptly labelled as God’s own country. The gods have been generous to Kerala, blessing her with a bountiful of nature. Think of Kerala and vivid imagery of a carpet of green will probably play through your mind, interspersed with streams and waterfalls and lakes and the sea, rolling hills and forests and exotic flora and fauna and more.


Each season gives you a reason to visit Kerala. If you love the rains and all that drama that unfolds with it, you will find the monsoon season to be the best time to visit Kerala. Monsoon in Kerala is magical, with dark clouds looming so low, that you can almost reach out and touch them. And the sound of that incessant rain, battering down, is music to the ears. The freshness of the bathed trees and newly formed rivulets finding their own paths, is nature putting up a show for you. This is the season when Kerala comes alive, like no other time. 


Kerala is very popular among international tourists generally from October – March as it is provides a moderate climate during this period. Winter begins to set in, and the days turn chillier, but it is still the tropics, so it is not biting cold. The Indian tourists are also attracted to Kerala during the major festive seasons like Onam, Dussehra, Diwali and many other regional festivals. 


Here is a guide describing the different seasons, to help you decide when to visit this beautiful state –

Kerala trip in June – Monsoon in Kerala

June is when the rain descends on Kerala. It is a much-awaited season because rains spell prosperity. As the showers infuse newness into Kerala, it comes alive as it were. Tourists avoid the monsoon season, fearing the rain, but it’s actually the best time to enjoy the beauty of Kerala. 


During Monsoon, the entire state of Kerala transforms into a magical beauty. A vacation in Kerala during the monsoon season lets you enjoy the alluring beauty of nature that unfolds right before your eyes. There is no better place than Kerala to lose yourself in the serenity of nature while you invoke the Pluviophile in you

Best time to visit Wayanad

Monsoon in Wayanad at Abad Brookside Lakkidi

The Abad Brookside Lakkidi resort is one of those places that you wish you could call a permanent home. Surrounded by a canopy of green, the resort is an escape from the real world. The resort offers every possible modern amenity and luxury that one expects from such places.


But what makes it really special are the things that only nature can provide — elements with an ability to transport you to a happy place. A pure and fresh environment – inhale, and you’ll hear your lungs saying, wow, thank you for that. You’ll be mesmerised by the sights and the sounds of nature adjoining the forest. The landscape painted in various shades of green and the mist rising out of nowhere will leave you in awe. The rhythmic and soothing sound of the rain, gently falling on the leaves, accompanied by the shrill whistles of the birds are music to the ears. You will love the resort for the jungle-themed ambience. 


Best season to visit Munnar 

The weather in Munnar, from December to February is usually cold . There is a nip in the air, with daytime temperatures dipping to 10°C (50°F), and night-time temperatures falling further. Air-conditioning is not required during any time of the year as the other months of the year are also pleasant. 

It is not hot and humid, so you’ll enjoy your treks better. There are some fantastic trails that you must have on your itinerary. Rappelling, trekking with outdoor camping, night treks and two-day treks are some of the other adventure activities, for you to do.


Abad Copper Castle

We suggest the Abad Copper Castle, for your stay in Munnar. It is ideally located, just 3 hours by road, from the Cochin International Airport. The accommodation includes well-appointed, luxurious en suite rooms, with amazing views of surrounding tea plantations. The restaurant offers a stunning view of the valley, with a stream, rumbling and tumbling past. ABAD has been in the hospitality industry and has been promoting the destination Munnar since 2000.


While you are staying at the resort, you can enjoy camp fire while sipping  a hot cup of local tea from Munnar and enjoy the misty valley view.


Christmas in Fort Kochi

Kochi is a major city and has a different vibe to it. It is a unique combination of the old and the new, it is modern and quaint, at the same time. The Fort Kochi area is speckled with colonial-era buildings and has a charm of its own. This is the old part of the town, and some traditions dating back to 500 years, when the place was a Dutch settlement, are still followed.


The biggest draw is the Cochin carnival, and the setting up in flames a massive Pappanji effigy, at Fort Kochi Beach. It marks the end of Christmas and the dawn of a New Year. The carnival kicks off in the last week of December and culminates with a massive parade on New Year. It is a spectacular event, with elephants decked in traditional embellishments, accompanied by music and classic drum beats, and dancing. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

Best time to visit Fort Kochi

Dutch Bungalow, Abad Plaza

Stay in the Dutch Bungalow, in Fort Kochi, for an exhilarating experience, and experience your stay in a 350 year old Dutch room. It is a heritage property, with a lot of history attached to it. The Dutch Bungalow maintains its old-style charm but comes fitted with all modern amenities that promise a luxurious stay.


However, if you prefer a contemporary structure, then Abad Plaza or Abad Atrium will be a good option which is in the Kochi city centre and 10 km from Fort Kochi area

Best time to visit Kerala Backwater


Kerala is blessed with 900 km of backwaters with beautiful exotic resorts set on its banks. The other unique product to experience in a life time are Kerala houseboats. Generally the houseboats and the backwater resorts are quite busy from October to March.

Though every season is suitable for a vacation exploring the backwaters of Kerala, yet we’d suggest you plan your trip from June to August. It is the monsoon season, and the rains make an already verdant landscape, lusher. Houseboats are popularly booken in Alleppey and Kumarakom – they serve as a mobile hotel, with lodging, food and sightseeing included. 

It is the time of the year when Onam, the harvest festival is celebrated, in Kerala. It is a huge event, people from all religions and castes join in the festivities. Being a harvest festival, food plays an integral part in the celebrations. A special meal, called Onam Sadhya, comprising of over 25 dishes is served on a plantain leaf. It is a delicious, vegetarian meal, fit for a king.

This is also the season for the annual snake boat race. The atmosphere at the event is electrifying, as thousands line up along the shores, to watch the teams battle for the honour. Long, ornate boats, with over a hundred oarsmen, on each boat, glide over the water, as the sounds from the drums and local trumpets reach a crescendo. There is a euphoria, which cannot be explained in words; you’ve got to be there, to experience it. 

Houseboats in Alleppey, Kerala

Abad Whispering Palms and Abad Turtle Beach Resort

The Abad Whispering Palms adds value to your vacation in Kumarakom. It is the most visually appealing resort and offers the best in comfort and convenience. Located on the banks of the Vembanadu Lake and with the backwaters as the backdrop, the resort has a variety of accommodation to choose from. It has the perfect features for a relaxing vacation. 


The Abad Turtle Beach Resort in Alleppey, is a eco-friendly resort, overlooking the beach. Guests have access to the private beach and the property is impressive with greenery all around. The resort boasts of an elevated pool and deck chairs. The environment is ideal for enjoying a beach vacation.


Visiting Kerala in January-February

It is still winter in the tropics, in January and February. The sun isn’t too sharp, and that makes for a perfect time of the year to head to Kerala, for a beach vacation, in Mararikulam, in Alleppey. The beautiful, secluded beach, with golden sands and the warm waters of the Arabian Sea is welcoming. 


Kovalam Beach has an almost iconic status and remains a favourite destination, among travellers. The Abad Harmonia in Chowara, Kovalam offers cottages and rooms, with private sit-outs, with excellent view of the swimming pool and the garden. Like every other Abad property, you can expect the best in terms of hospitality, comfort and food. It is the perfect holiday resort.

Visit Thekkady between October and November

With the rains subsiding, there is a shift in the weather, and by October the temperatures begin to drop, to a pleasant 15°C (59°F). The wildlife reserve at Thekkady is home to some rare animals – leopards, tigers, elephants, lion-tailed macaques, bonnet macaques, wild dogs, barking deer, sambar and spotted deer, Indian bison and foxes etc. You can be lucky enough to spot these animals and different species of birds while boating at the Periyar Wildlife sanctuary. It is the best time of the year to enjoy wildlife safaris and treks, through the dense forest in Thekkady. 


Abad Green Forest Resorts

The Abad resort in Thekkady, is just a kilometre away from the famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a cosy resort, with 20 cottages and 30 rooms, all well-equipped with modern amenities. The facility also has an Ayurveda centre, for traditional massages and treatments, and a swimming pool, surrounded by greenery. A delicious breakfast buffet is included in the tariff.


Travellers may note that Abad properties excel in hospitality. Abad resorts have well-furnished, clean accommodation, and comfort of the guests remains a priority. Almost all resorts have in-house Ayurveda centres.

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