Best Resort to Stay Near Lakkidi Viewpoint in Wayanad

Resort near Lakkidi view pointIf you are someone who finds peace amidst lush green mountains and misty landscapes, then visiting Lakkidi in Kerala would be one decision you will never regret in your life. The rain forest, which is located in the gateway of Kerala’s Wayanad district, is situated 700 metres above the sea level and is one of the highest locations in Wayanad. Lakkidi is called the “Cherrapunjee of Kerala” as one can experience rains between May to December every year. It is one of the coldest places in Kerala with average rainfall above 600 centimetres. The Lakkidi viewpoint is one such place which is frequented mostly by tourists across the world. While travelling uphill one can experience greenery everywhere with streams on both sides of the passage.

Now that you are slightly inclined towards making your next trip to Lakkidi, the first and the most important question is ‘which is the best place to stay near Lakkidi viewpoint in Wayanad’? After all, a good place to stay not only makes you feel comfortable but also adds a lot of value to your leisure. The best resort to stay near Lakkidi viewpoint in Wayanad is Abad Brookside. Abad Brookside is one such rain forest resort that will ensure that you gather a great experience during your stay at Lakkidi, Wayanad. The resort is conveniently located just 3 km from the town and the last 2 km off-road experience through the woods will be a unique experience.  The breathtaking view of the adjoining forest and pool from Abad Brookside’s garden facing cottages is remarkable. 

Abad Brookside is one of the several initiatives by the Abad Group to provide superior facilities and impeccable customer experience.  It one of the charming resorts in Lakkidi that feature all hotel services and general room facilities with many facilities made available upon request. The resort offers to walk through the woods of the adjoining forest and the nearby tea plantations with the guide. It is ideal for bird watching as you can see 30 species of birds in the resort vicinity. It is your perfect hideout to feel, experience and celebrate the rains. To complement your recreational facilities, Abad Brookside is also facilitated with an Ayurvedic Spa and at its multi-cuisine restaurant, you could also binge on the traditional Kerala cuisine.

Scenic Nature view from the Nature resort in Wayanad

During your stay at Abad Brookside, you could explore all nearby places around Lakkidi, namely, Kuruva Dweep or Kuruva Island, Banasura Sagar Dam, Edakkal caves, Soochipara Waterfalls and many more. The mountains, water bodies, forests and wildlife in and around Lakkidi is worth seeing. The uninhabited Kuruva Islands, located in the middle of River Kabini, gives you an opportunity to take up adventure sports like kayaking, river rafting and zip-lining. At Banasura Sagar Dam, one can go for boat rides and trekking while enjoying the view of hills. If sacred places interest you, then Edakkal caves is worth a visit. The caves depict the Neolithic era through its pictorial representations. Besides Soochipara waterfalls, there are other majestic waterfalls like Meenmutty, Kanthapara and Chenthalayam waterfalls.

The list of places to visit in Lakkidi does not end here. If you want to get the thrill of the jungle, then the Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary is a perfect place for you. The dense forest is home to many wild species like bison, elephants and tigers. Birds like owls, woodpeckers, peacocks, and babblers, too can be found there. Other places worth visiting, include Vennimala Sree Rama Lakshamana Perumal Temple, Pookat lake, Chembra Peak and the Chain Tree. While Pookat lake and Chembra peak are perfect places to go along with your family and friends, the Chain Tree in Lakkidi is one of those spots that will speak of some of the rare incidents that occurred in India during British rule. The chained tree is said to be the house of the spirit of a tribal youth named Karinthandan, who was killed by a British official for his own selfish motive.


How to reach Lakkidi?

Lakkidi is the southern entry point of Wayanad located at an altitude of 2296 ft above sea level.  The nearest airport to Lakkidi is Calicut International Airport which is also known as Karipur Airport. From the airport, it is an 80 km gripping road trip through the tricky hairpin curves passing through the lush green ghat pass. 

Another convenient option is railways. The Kozhikode railway station is the nearest railway station to Wayanad located at a distance of 60Km.

Another convenient option for international travellers is Kannur International Airport, which is located 120Km away. 

Why choose Abad Brookside, Lakkidi?

Abad Brookside is an initiative by the renowned Abad Group who is into the hospitality industry for more than 33 years. 

Abad Brookside is one of the most beautiful nature resorts in Wayanad, Kerala.  The resort is beautifully located in the midst of the rainforests of Wayanad. The cottages are uniquely designed in such a way that all cottages will get a view of the adjoining forest.  The resort also has a brook lining the property, hence the name Brookside. 

Located in the Cherapunji of Kerala, Abad Brookside is one such place where you can enjoy Kerala monsoon to the core. You can just sit at the balcony of cottages and enjoy the rains flowing through the trees and joining the brook. Enjoy the cool breeze, so pure, and fresh from the pristine forests of Wayanad. 

You can also find pleasure in the biodiversity of Wayanad spotting varieties of flora, birds, and wildlife. Never miss out a  morning walk watching different species of birds and listening to their sounds. Abad Brookside is the perfect destination if you just want to unplug from the daily grinds and reconnect with nature.

Abad Brookside is one of the many resorts owned and operated by Cochin based Abad Group. The business concern with expertise over 32 years in the hospitality sector has steadily established its presence across the business and industrial landscape in Kerala. With its 14 hotels and resorts across Kerala, Abad Group is committed towards its contribution to the tourism and hospitality sector of the state.


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