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 Bangalore to Munnar Flight

Munnar is a quaint little hamlet, in Kerala, nestled in the hills of the Western Ghats. The place abounds with natural beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes – mist covered rolling hills, waterfalls and streams, verdant forests and sprawling coffee and tea plantations. It is a piece of paradise, right here on earth. On the other hand, Bangalore in neighbouring Karnataka is a bustling modern city, which you need a break from.


Munnar is a favourite haunt for people of Bangalore, wanting an escape from the drudgery of city life. It is an ideal place to head to, on a long weekend break. It is refreshingly different from the fast-paced lives that city people lead. And the best part is that it’s easily accessed by road, by air and by train. The cherry on the cake is that the journeys promise to be as fascinating as the destination. Well, at least the ones by road and rail. 


Bangalore to Munnar Distance

The distance between Bangalore and Munnar varies, depending on the mode of transport. By road, Munnar is at an approximate distance of 467 km from Bangalore, through incredibly scenic terrain. The distance by air is around 328 km. Munnar is not connected by railroad, but one can travel to the nearest city, by train, covering a distance of 367 km, and once there, take a cab to reach Munnar. 


Bangalore to Munnar Road Trip

Bangalore to Munnar Road trip

If you have a vehicle, then planning a road trip, is the best way to reach Munnar. The roads are well-laid and the drive absolutely marvellous. It is best to start early in the morning, so to avoid traffic, and to reach Munnar before lunch. Alternatively, plan an overnight journey, but only if you are confident being behind the wheel at night, and are sufficiently rested. It takes roughly 9 hours to cover the distance, because of the climb and hairpin bends, once you reach the Ghats. Plan your trip in such a way that it is dawn by the time you touch the foothills of the Ghats. You will need daylight to manoeuvre the Ghat road.


You will have Google maps to show you the route, for your Bangalore to Munnar road trip, but ideally you should take the following route: Bangalore-Hosur-Salem-Perundurai-Dharapuram-Udumalaipettai-Marayoor-Munnar.


Make sure your vehicle is well-fueled before you start the ascend. Also, check the air pressure on your wheels and have your car/bike serviced before the trip. 

 Bangalore to Munnar - Travel Plan

Alternatively, the journey can be taken by bus. You will find many private bus-operators who run special overnight trips from Bangalore to Munnar. The buses depart Bangalore between at 21:00 – 22:00 hours and reach Munnar by 08:30 hours. Different types of buses ply on this route to ensure comfort and safety. So, you can pick an ordinary non-AC coach or pay a higher fare for an air-conditioned sleeper bus, with a few berths on the top deck, and comfortable reclining seats below. Shop around for the best rates and read reviews to make an informed choice. 


Bangalore to Munnar Flight


Munnar does not have an airport, and the nearest airport is in Kochi. So, you do not have a direct Bangalore to Munnar flight. Flying to Kochi and taking a cab from there to your resort in Munnar, is the best option if time is of importance. 

 Bangalore to Munnar Distance

Several carriers operate direct flights from Bangalore (BLR) Airport to Kochi (COK) airport. The distance between the two cities is just over 300 km and is covered in less than an hour (the actual flight time). Travelling by air saves time, and you are in Kerala, within an hour from takeoff. Taxis for Munnar can be hired at the airport, or you can have a travel agency, make the necessary travel arrangements for you. The travel time between Kochi and Munnar is about 4 hours, and the distance is approximately 130 km.


Bangalore to Munnar Train

There is no direct train to Munnar, so your Bangalore to Munnar Train journey will take you only up to Ernakulam Junction (South). Form there on you will have to continue your journey by road. Several trains run, connecting Bangalore to Ernakulam, the station closest to Munnar. A few trains run every day, while others on specific days of the week.


The distance between Bangalore and Ernakulam is 367 km and the road trip from the station to Munnar is about 88 km. Taxis are available at the station, so reaching Munnar will not be a problem. 


The weekly trains between Bangalore and Munnar are:

  • Mumbai Express – The train chugs off from Bangalore Cy Jn and Ernakulam Town every Saturday
  • Bangalore Settigunta Express – Every Monday and Wednesday
  • Hubli Express – Every Thursday
  • Yesvantpur Express – On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

The following trains run every day connecting Bangalore to Ernakulam:

  • Bangalore Express (there are three express trains, that run every day)

Whichever mode of transport you use, your trip to Munnar will be a memorable one. Plan your trip in advance, make arrangements for transportation and stay before you arrive. 






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