Abad Turtle Beach Resort, Mararikulam

As someone who has grown up around beaches, I can be quite an expert. And of all these beaches, Turtle Beach certainly catches the crown for its zestful activities.

waves at mararikulam beach


Even with the shadows of the trees, it was as sunny as a desert. But that didn’t stop us from visiting the beach or biking around the property.Speaking of which, the resort rents bicycles by the hour, a commodity that helps to better explore the tucked-away corners of the place. One can randomly stumble upon the ayurveda spa (to be treated with massages from experienced hands) or ride their bike into a cozy nook hidden behind thick foilage.



The landscape also provides a humble abode for a variety of butterflies who have a garden dedicated to them. Different kinds and sizes adorn the equally breathtaking flowers. Its neighbour is a vegetable garden that grows its crops by the season. The entire property looks much like an ode to nature and its unlimited beauty.



I don’t put much of an emphasis on food when travelling but I have to admit that the restaurant provides the tastiest plate of squid rings. Golden and crisp, you’d think they were freshly caught the very morning (and they probably would have been).

Morning visits to the beach should be mandatory since the water looks divine at that golden hour and fewer people wander out. But stay wary of the sun because the heat is unbearable at the time.



Seeing crabs jump out of the sand and race to the water, watching fishermen get their boats in and out of the shore, getting drenched by the raging waves of the sea: the beach can take up your whole day.



With welcoming hosts and spoon-fed hospitality, Turtle Beach makes you feel special without bordering on interrupted. And that’s pretty rare.

Article by Asiya on Turtle beach resort.